Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lots of Cake and Ice Cream

Back to the weekend recap. If you missed yesterday's, click here, I took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. I know you want to see more pictures...okay probably not, but it's going on the record, so a year from now I can remember what I did and see cute pictures of my kids.

Sunday we had a full day of friends. First up, a 1st birthday party. My friend went all out on the decorations, she said she was channeling me when she did it. If that doesn't make me feel good, I'm not sure what does. She did a fantastic job!

The theme was Winter One-derland.

Walking in the front door.

How cool are all those snowflakes up there?

Dessert table, yum!

She made all of these fans, what a great job right?

The fans just add such a great punch

The birthday girl.

She was not a fan of the cupcake...

Cupcake eating.

Then directly from this party we met up with some friends at Farrell's. I had never been, but have heard great things. We went to celebrate with some friends, their little boy is 3 days older than Baby Fox, another friend was going to join who's daughter's birthday was this past week, but they were tired from her birthday party the day before and backed out. The boys had a blast though.

Baby Fox was too busy coloring to look up for the picture.

They do birthday parties BIG here. They have drums, sirens, the whole works. If you haven't, go one time to get some dessert. Birthday peeps get a free sundae. We just went for dessert, which is a choice on the reservations online. They ask if you're just getting dessert or food too.

Yes, probably the best day ever, he got a cupcake followed by a banana split...parent of the year right here...haha!

Since I can't eat ice cream I got some french fries, they were really good. We were giving Mini Fox a few bites here and there, and put the spoon down and all of a sudden she grabs for the spoon and tries to get her own bite because we weren't feeding her any more. LOL.

Afterwards we let the kids blow off steam and we walked around the mall, in the Disney store.


and took them to the gladiator pit kids play area. Mini Fox stayed in this airplane for most of the time we were there.

All through the mall to the parking lot they held hands, it was the cutest thing EVER. Anytime Baby Fox let go of the little girls hand she would cry and want her hand held too.

Mini Fox rode in style, she loves being up tall.

And that really concludes our busy weekend! Mr. is going on a business trip for a week so this weekend I'm on my own, I'm fairly certain we will not be this busy, and all the pictures will include watching movies and trying to keep my kids clean. Okay it's not going to be that bad...right?

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  1. We used to go to Farrell's when I was a kid - I have such great memories there! All of our have closed down though. Love the party decorations and the food looks yummy!