Monday, March 2, 2015

Low Key Weekend

This weekend was actually pretty low key. Surprising right? I had Friday off, so it started out with walking Baby Fox to school. Mr. decided to work from home, so we all walked him to school. Mini Fox was sitting in the stroller, too lazy to get her out to take a picture.

Every time we walk past this wall Baby Fox has to walk it too.

After we dropped him off Mr. stayed to work while Mini Fox and I headed out for some errands and shopping. Shopping tuckers a girl out...seriously this hardly ever happens during the day. You know cause she's been awake for a total of 2.5 hours.

We picked up Baby Fox from school, they got some naps in and then back in the car for our favorite trip. Can you guess?

Don't worry it was in the driveway when I took this

Yep Costco! Every single sample had to do with fish or being vegetarian...can we say Costco was really trying to appeal to the Catholic crowd and it being Lent and no meat Friday.

After Costco, the kids watched Brave, while I fixed dinner.

Saturday I was up really early for a sunrise hike. A few friends from the gym do this 5 mile hike every Saturday so I decided to join them this week. We're facetiming a friend that couldn't make it and was in Michigan doing a R.I.P.P.E.D training session (this is the class that I take Monday and Wednesdays).

The start of the hiking trail. Awesome photo bomb right?

It was SUPER tough, just like the said, but there is something to be said to the quiet early mornings and beautiful scenery. Up to the top of the first major hill and the prize was a beautiful view of the ocean!

They said, see that hill, that seems like that's the top, but it's not...darn!

So let's go a little then stop to "take a selfie" but in reality I'm really resting, LOL.

Top of the second hill.

And this is still at the top of the secondish hill, I've walked just a little further. I saw this and really wanted to catpure the light peaking through the clouds. I think this picture is pretty amazing, but it doesn't really do what I saw justice.

I headed home and it was only 8:15! Score, workout done, now to get ready for the baby shower I had to go to. On my way out Baby Fox got hurt (he was standing behind me and I didn't realize it and I stepped back right on his foot...with my heel...poor guy.) and Mini Fox was so concerned that he was crying that she came over to give him a hug.

It was a long drive, but so worth it to see some old friends. So you see the pregnant girl in the middle? Yea she's due in 3 weeks, don't ya just hate her? She's wearing heels and looks gorgeous!

 The shower was really fun and I got to catch up with some old friends, and I didn't have anyone to watch, think about, feed, wrangle. It was awesome. Plus I got 4 hours of drive time to just think and not do anything.

Sunday was super low key and the only thing we did was go to swim lessons.  Swim Baby Fox swim!

Getting a jumping in treat for doing well on his swimming.

Ms. K showing him how to kick properly.

Learning the back stroke...he did pretty awesome at it if I do say so myself.

Then I made lots of food for the upcoming week, and laid around and did NOTHING, I watch 3 episodes of The Originals while the kids napped. I contemplated actually doing something, but said, nah, I'm going to veg and it was pretty great.

What did you do this weekend? Anything more fun and exciting than me? Next weekend I'm doing my first night away from Mini Fox, but it's a much needed break and fun time with some old friends.

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