Monday, March 16, 2015

Mr.'s Birthday Weekend

Another weekend come and gone...this one for me was a three day weekend, love my off Fridays! We dropped Baby Fox off at preschool and then headed out to do some errands/shopping. I had to exchange something at the Brighton store and they gave Mini Fox a cookie...she was in heaven.

When we got home, this girl, just followed me around, and laid down right by my feet playing with my kimono

We're headed up to Tahoe later this week, and we borrowed some clothes from a friend, and Baby Fox really wanted to try it on. Nevermind that it was 90+ degrees out.

We hit up Costco after lunch. I found something else that Mini Fox will not pie. Who doesn't like apple pie? That girl down there, but she did like the bird seed bread (you know the bread with the oats/sunflower seeds/random unidentifiable things in/on it).

After nap time we all snuggled with Mini Fox

Later Friday night went to the movies with a friend, it was great getting out and seeing her, and a movie!

Saturday was pretty low key, we knew that we would be driving out to my Aunt and Uncle's, so we just stuck around the house.

I got up early to go on a hike with some friends. I love that we're getting more people going on these hikes with us.

We started our hike in the dark, and got near the top just about sunrise...worth the early wake up call.

The ocean on the other side of the pretty right? Never get tired of seeing this view.

After I got back I made pancakes for breakfast.

Took the kids to the park before it got too hot. We ended up only staying for a bit, because it was getting too hot. This girl loves her some shoes, go to the park...find a pair of shoes in stroller, demand to switch shoes.

Walking home, her favorite place to ride, on Daddy's shoulders.

When we got home, she did this, think she was tired? haha.

I made Mr.'s favorite cake, and of course the kids wanted to help with the frosting. This is Mini Fox's first time licking the beaters...Baby Fox gave her a little taste test.

Then she asked for her own, Baby Fox is such a good big brother that he gave her one of the beaters.

She loved it!

The only thing Mr. wanted for his birthday was to have dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's and have her famous that's what we did.

Appetizers on the patio

Love that she is starting to smile in selfie photos...

Mini Fox insisted on pushing Baby Fox around

The carrot cake I made, which we forgot to bring back home with parents were sad when they came over and realized there was no carrot cake in their future. I promised to make another one later this month.

Sunday morning - Happy Birthday Mr., he wanted this breakfast casserole that another Aunt makes...super easy, next time I made it I'll document it for you guys - it has hash browns, eggs, onions, sausage and cheese.

those scrambled eggs in the background are for me and the littles

We made this shrimp recipe, and Mr. ate about half of what I made. We got some free tomatoes from the grocery store, so I cut those up added some tuscan infused olive oil and some aged balasmic vinegar, it was delicious and might be my new favorite go to summer side.

Dinner out in the backyard, so happy to eat outside, but it's freakin' middle of March, how hot is summer going to be if we're already getting the 90° weather!

Mr. opening his gift from my parents.

Mini Fox getting enjoyment out of the giftbag. She's showing me what she put in her "purse"

Every girl needs a spiderman walkie talkie right?

Plus two cell phones.

Mr. has everything in the whole world, so I gave him some money towards his music fund (money we set aside for him to buy whatever music related equipment he wants).

I wish I would have gotten one of the four of us, but forgot. OH well, I think he had a pretty good birthday, and can't wait for Tahoe later this week!

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  1. Sounds like a great bday weekend! I can't believe you manage to get up before the sun to hike. Kudos to you! And so true about that 90 degree weather...I'm scared for summer :-/

  2. That sounds wonderful. esp that breakfast cassreole. I wish we could eat outside! We just need an umbrella or we'd melt. one of these days!

  3. First, Happy Birthday C! Now...90*? Seriously? You poor thing! lol! Looks like a great weekend! Excited to hear about the Tahoe trip!