Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Show and Tell: Most Embarrassing Moment(s)

Andrea over at Momfessionals is having us talk about our most embarrassing moments. Gosh...what to pick, what to pick...the first one that comes to mind, immediately is when I was in college.

I was in some engineering class and there was this boy in there that I had a major crush on. Like major crush, so we're sitting next to each other in class. Back up a bit, when I was in college I had a different spiral notebook for each class to take notes - side note always college rule...never wide, who uses wide? Also always a different color for each subject...I'm a school supply nerd, don't you just love getting new fresh school supplies? I look forward for when my kids start school and I get to buy them school supplies, Target section in the back, with every choice you could ever want? I'm getting off track...

So I take out my spiral notebook out, and the boy looks at me and is turning a shade of pink I've never seen and says...so I'm pretty sure you don't need that to write notes. I look down and in the spiral part of the notebook a tampon had gotten stuck in there. I could have died a thousands deaths right then and there.

Lately, I'm pretty much embarrassing myself ALL.THE.TIME, but I tend to forget them, because they are embarrassing...but here's one that happened recently:

Last weekend after our hike, some friends were dropping me off at my car and I was walking to my car and the flashlight I was carrying dropped out of my bag. I then realized that there was a hole in my backpack...I panicked and then looked in there to make sure my car keys hadn't escaped too. I couldn't find them, I'm like oh crap, they are driving away, I need to catch them. I start chasing after the car, only to realize a few seconds later, that I was holding my car keys in my hand already! Of course the other person they dropped off witnessed said event and then told my friends at the gym last night. They made fun of me to no end. Totally embarrassing.

My friends
So what's your most embarrassing moment?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

P.S. This is the Care Bear I had growing up.

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