Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tahoe Vacation

Hi Guys! I'm back from our vacation. I was so tired on Sunday when we got back that I actually went to bed when the kids went to bed. I was exhausted. I've recovered and ready to show you a ridiculous amount of pictures of our trip to Lake Tahoe.

We woke up the kids at 5am to get going (according to the iphone map it was going to be an 8.5 hour trip without stops), our hope was that they would stay asleep and sleep for a good while before waking up.

The first couple of hours Mr. and I just sat and enjoyed the views.

Pretty sunrise


Baby Fox woke up first and we let him watch some movies we had on the iPad (first time ever). He thought it was super cool and didn't realize we couldn't hear what he was listening to, so he would comment to us and start laughing and look at us to see if we were laughing too.

Breakfast time, and about half way there. Genius to get 2.5 hours of drive time while they were still sleeping. We stopped here for some breakfast, it was actually pretty good.

We changed the kids into some regular clothes. Mini Fox and I were waiting for the boys to finish, perfect time for a selfie. Notice my curly hair, I did it really quick before we left because my bedhead was ridiculous.

Mini Fox didn't want her picture taken.

Someone enjoyed her breakfast

yes the pancake was really that big
 I said, let's take a selfie and then told everyone to lean in. Notice Mini Fox is leaning in but facing the wrong way, she totally thought because she could see Daddy that she was looking the right way.

The owner gave Baby Fox a sucker and Mini Fox some chocolate chips.

Back on the road again, we stop one more time at a park to let the kids play (no pictures apparently), and we make it to the cabin, 11 hours after we started our journey. The kids did great! We decided to go on a walk to the lake.

Can you believe this picture is straight out of the camera, no color correcting? It was gorgeous!

Friday everyone else met up with us (8 adults and 6 kids 4 and under) and we decided to go up the gondola to the top. Turns out it was a bit pricey, but we had already promised Baby and Mini Fox we would go, so we kept our promise, while everyone else stayed behind and ate some lunch.

Walking over to buy our tickets

Just got on the gondola, Mini Fox isn't so sure

Selfie, even though Mr.'s head is chopped off, I love that Mini Fox is all smiles

We stopped at the look out point first. Don't worry, she was okay, she just fell, she stopped crying 2 seconds later.

Then we headed back onto the Gondola to go to the very top.

Making snowballs

Just don't eat the yellow snow Mini Fox!

Love this picture! Yes it did hit me...on my legs

He wanted to taste the snow too.

Someone made this cute little snowman.

The best part I think, Baby Fox found this car in the snow.

Look at my hair, still totally curly! This dry air is amazing for keeping curls, and basically nothing else, because everyone's skin was so dry!

The view from the top

I made everyone my famous heart attack in a dish AKA artichoke cheese dip

This girl and I made dinner Friday night for everyone

The other kids were still taking their naps.


Dinner is served!

That salad was so yummy!

These two are 10 days apart and are two peas in a pod.

Before bedtime antics. The kids adored the bunk beds...

Story time...yep there are 4 kids in there.

And then the two older kids proceeded to play on the bunk beds until midnight! When I finally went in there for the umpteenth time and told them they had to go to sleep. I totally felt like my parents when they would come in and yell at us to go to sleep when we had slumber parties. When did I turn into my parents?!

Saturday after breakfast we took another walk to the lake.

Then after the smaller kids took their morning naps, we ate lunch. Left over dinner, yum!

The kids got some mac and cheese

Then we all headed out to the snow place. It's so sad how little snow there is up there. Usually people are skiing well into April and May and sometimes even into June! It was the last day the play place was open, so glad that we caught it in time.

She pretty much laughed the entire time. I wish you could hear her laughing in the videos I took, but you can't really hear anything.

Waiting for her turn.

Love this picture of them

We headed back for the kids naps...and miracle of all miracles we got 6 kids to nap at the same time! This is reason to drink some beer and relax, ah so this is what it was like before kids.

Dinner was bacon fried rice, yum!

After dinner we took one last walk to the beach, actually it was just me and Mini Fox, Baby Fox wanted to stay behind and hang out in the cabin.

Saturday night was pretty low key.

Baby fooseball

Obligatory kid shot

 And then they were done

Story time, same stories different Dad

These are our people, they moved up to Northern California and we miss them so much, but are so happy that we could vacation together!

Great trip, we left at 5am on Sunday and we made it home in 11 hours, totally exhausted but worth it! Until next time Tahoe!

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