Monday, March 9, 2015

Mom's Night Away

Hello! I have a love/hate relationship with Day Light Savings Time. Love that it's lighter later, but hate the first few days that we switch. It took me forever to fall asleep last night, and now I'm tired.

This weekend was great, Friday we went to my best friends daughter's Show Choir performance. It was super cute, and they won 1st place in their category AND they won best overall performance for the whole night, considering they are 4th grade-8th grade kids competing against high school kids for the overall, that's pretty awesome. I couldn't find my phone to take pictures of the performance, darn.

Them getting their after performance pep talk? Not sure what they were talking about.

Baby Fox's Nino

The kids playing while we were waiting. Mini Fox thought she was big time

The girls are 4 months apart

The girl on the left is my friends daughter and Baby Fox wanted an encore performance, so she's getting ready.

They kids were fantastic, we didn't end up leaving till 10pm! But it was super fun, and Baby Fox asked when we could go back.

Saturday my bestie and I were up and early to get our eyebrows done. Then where else would we go? Target...without kids, awesome. But what did we do while we were there? Shopped for our families, lol.

Then we headed to bestie's cousin's house to meet her baby.

They look like sisters right?
We hadn't eaten yet, so we went here for lunch, can you tell where we are?

Then we headed to the Hyatt in Huntington Beach, the hotel was SOOO nice! Our view...

When standing up...gorgeous right?! Definitely worth it to pay for the ocean view!

We sat on the patio and drank and chatted until our massage appointments. Which by the way was my first massage. Usually I don't like people touching me, so I've just stayed away from them. But I got peer pressured into it, and I actually liked it. I would definitely do one again. :) We did the steam room, sauna, spa and just chatted it up...Bestie got a facial, so Nina (Baby Fox's Godmother, Nina is godmother in spanish) and I headed back to the room. Perfect way to watch the sunset.

We decided to just go to the hotel restaurant and then decide what to do from there.

The girls decided to get bone marrow since it was on the menu and neither had had it.

Consensus was, they liked it, and nothing was left at the end. Then we got some dinner and dessert, which the waiter gave to us for free! He was the most awesome waiter, if you ever go to Watertable in HB then ask for Bu, he was pretty awesome. Should have taken a picture of him.

Their dessert

My dessert, since I'm allergic to everything. But I hear theirs was super good, it was a 6 layer fudge mousse something...???

By the time dinner ended it was almost 11pm, so we decided to just hit up the hotel bar, there were some interesting characters there.

Meanwhile....Mr. had the kids. I had just bought these hair ties for Mini Fox, but Baby Fox said that they were Power Rings, love kid imaginations.

Mini Fox wanted some power too.

Mr. said that she was adament about wearing these shoes...

Some backyard play

The perfect spot for swords, according to Baby Fox

Then they planted some flower bulbs in the front yard.

Love how they are in the exact same position.

I can guess who picked this outfit out :)
Then they headed out to meet up with some friends. Some K-BBQ

Baby Fox not so sure about the food

But eventually ate some of it.

Sunday we were reunited again! The kids were so excited to see me and came running out of the house and I got huge amounts of hugs. Loved it! Then we did a family outing to the grocery store.

First stop Stater Brother's, they have Corned Beef on sale for $2.99 a case you were wondering or wanted some. Mini Fox's first time in the car, she LOVED it.

Then we decided we really do need to go to our usual store (Sprouts) for the regular stuff we buy that they don't sell at the Stater Brother's. Best way to ride.

 Mini Fox helped get some groceries.

Just before she slammed it into the basket.

Then we had some lunch and headed out to swim lessons. Mini Fox didn't have a swim lesson, but we thought no one would notice if we just got her in the pool to splash around. No one did, so while Baby Fox had his lesson, Mini Fox got a Daddy swim lesson.

When we got home I actually fell asleep when the kids did, the kids took a great nap, then we did dinner and bed time. We did let them go to bed a little later, since it was daylight savings time, to help transition them...and it seemed to work, they both went right to sleep.

How did you/your kids do with the time change?

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  1. day light savings is the worst. with kids. messes everything up. Sounds like a great night off mom duty. Ive never seen shopping carts like that. We have the type with the huge thing in front that seat two. I've never used one so I can't remember what it is suppose to resemble.

  2. That view from the hotel and the massage sound like they were amazing. I completely understand feeling like you have to watch what you eat because of allergies. I'm allergic to nuts and I am constantly that person always asking "what's in this?"

  3. What a fun weekend! I want a girl's night!!! Glad to hear the time change didn't hit them too hard...X on the other hand..UGH! lol!

  4. What a perfect little getaway! I love that Mr. kept them nice and busy while you were gone.

  5. love those power rings..
    looks like a great time.

  6. What a fun weekend! I love girlfriend trips. I'm not a huge fan of massages - when we go somewhere my husband always gets one while I stay in the room and read!