Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favorite Room: Master Bedroom/Bathroom Suite

It's Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea at Momfessionals and today's theme is My Favorite Room. When we bought our house, it had a rainbow of colors: brown, green, orange, red (not yet blogged about) and purple. But my favorite room in our house has to be our Master bathroom, actually it's our master bedroom suite. I love going up after dinner with the kids to take baths, they have a little play area that they play in while we get the bath going, they run around like crazy people, it is just fun family time.

But before I show you the after pictures, I thought I'd show you some before. To show you how far we've come. This is what we started with...awesome right? haha, yea right!

How 70/80's is that wallpaper back there? And that tub, could barely fit me! And it was the most shallow thing you ever saw, like could you even really categorize it as a bathtub type shallow. And the carpet, carpet in the bathroom is just weird...

You can't see from the photo above, but guess what was behind the bathtub, yept...this lovely blank space.

Getting a little closer, you can see that it's just some floor board down there, didn't even have real flooring. I believe it was supposed to be a place where you can plant things...cause everyone needs real plants in their bathroom right?

We started to try and take the wallpaper off ourselves, since we were painting the rest of the house. See how much wallpaper is missing? That took us probably 10 hours of work. Then we decided to have some professionals handle it...best decision ever.

Notice that none of the paper came off in chunks, it was all these little bits, super frustrating.

When we moved to the house, Mr. wanted to get a claw foot tub. So we knew we were going to tear it out, that and the carpet...yikes that carpet was a hot mess!

It may look like Mr. did all the work, but really we had someone demolish it for us while we were at work, the guy that did it had fun.

As you can see, we had the cabinets stained. When we got our stairs redone, we had the same guys stain the back of our front door and these cabinets to get rid of that oak color... We much prefer the dark color.

So onto the fun part...

Okay maybe not fun, but at least we're seeing progress priming and paint.

Then onto flooring! That was such a happy day!

Then the most awesome thing in our bathroom, the clawfoot tub! I wish I could find the pictures of the guys installing the tub, it was crazy! It took three guys and 20 minutes to get up our stairs.

Now we're getting somewhere!

 Oh and I never showed you the before closet pictures. While going through the pictures I found it. It was totally not functional and really weird, with no clothes hanging space.

Mr actually redid the closet for me. I like to hang everything up, so I knew I wanted a lot of hanging space...and that is exactly what he gave me. Click here to see the after pictures of the closet.

Those pictures above were taken about 5 years ago, and this is what it looks like as of right now:

Yes the drapes are wrinkly, and no matter how hard I try they will just not come out! Super annoying, but eventually we want to get something else in there. At the time, we just wanted some privacy and went to Big Lots and found some cheap curtains, they work for now.

Our messy counters...if you notice we only hand one light in each fixture on, we found that having all 9 lights on at the same time was just too blinding and just wasting electricity. Sorry for the dark pictures...

The bathroom, we only changed the color of the room. Eventually we'd like to redo this, but for now it works.

The favorite part of the bathroom, are these pictures of Baby Fox and the bathtub

And the phone shower handle...in bronze. I just love it!

This is our bedroom taken from the bathroom. Last night the kids were playing while the bath was running and I was taking pictures.

We can't wait for the kid toys to go away, so we can really enjoy this fire place...

In these chairs with a foot stool and a table to put warm drinks!

Our bed, Baby Fox stole the other bed pillow. See those shell necklaces hanging on the bed? We got those on our honeymoon, and they've been there ever since.I really want to put something above our bed, but just haven't figure out what, just yet...it's only been 5 years, I need more time! haha.

TV area

Baby Fox is really into soccer right now, and that bag on the right is to be donated stuff.

So that's my favorite room in our house. I guess I should say favorite area...well the kitchen is pretty awesome, but that's just because I get to eat yummy food there. What your favorite room? If you've blogged about it, link it in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this space! It is huge!!! We have a decent size bedroom that allows for a sitting area, but your bathroom is amazing!!! Maybe when we move :)

  2. This looks great! We just had the same experience with wallpaper. We started trying to remove it ourselves, but quickly decided it was worth it to get a professional! So now we have fresh paint in our kitchen and all the bathrooms in the house.

  3. Oh my gosh! This came out FABULOUSLY! Love what you've done with it. Though I for one am SHOCKED you didn't want to keep that wallpaper ;-)
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)

  4. What a great job! I am crazy over that tub and the fixtures you chose!

    Home of "Tuesday Talk" and "Pincrazy Thursday"~

  5. What a fun space! I love older homes because of the character that they have - like your adorable raised sitting area in your bedroom. Just heaven! You did a fantastic job with your bathroom makeover!! The claw foot tub is awesome! :)

  6. Amazing!!! Job Well Done!! Love the tub and your cozy chairs in the master!! Beautiful space!!

  7. Oh my, that is a crazy reno, and crazy wallpaper. I love the size of your bathroom but most of all the claw foot tub is so classy. Just like you :)

  8. I am in love with this room! I don't think I would ever get out of that tub!