Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Uses For My Chambray Shirt + Fitness Update

Happy Hump Day! I'm not sure why picture is showing my sweater looking a little pick, it's's dark purple. Oh well! You get the idea right? The first time I wore a chambray shirt was because of Allison's challenge and now, I can't get enough, see lasts weeks outfit. It really does go with just about anything. I threw this outfit together last minute, and loved it. It's almost getting too warm here for outfits like this, I might get another few weeks, but for the most part, Spring is definitely here.

Fitness Update:

Last week wasn't as good as the first week, but the book did say that for the next couple of weeks you might not lose any weight because you're changing your fat and stuff into lean muscle. So I'm going to go with that. I'm feeling great. I feel less bloated, and all around I've gotten over the hangry (Mr. hates when I say that) stage of it all.

Our favorite dinner that we've been eating is refried beans, meat, salsa and homemade guacamole. I'll take a picture of it next time, but so far we've pretty much eaten that every night since we started this thing. So good, and I actually look forward to dinner everyday.

Going on that 5 mile hike on Saturday, hopefully this time it will feel a little less like death? Keeping my fingers crossed that it's a little easier getting up those steep mountains/hills, cause I know what the expect. I'll keep you posted.

Looking forward to my cheat day on Saturday. We're going to my aunts house for a yummy birthday dinner for Mr.


  1. You are so lucky! I'm originally from Los Angeles but moved to England recently. Spring is nowhere near here! I am bundled up as if I'm in the dead of winter in SoCal.

    I love this color on your! It looks absolutely awesome with your beautiful skin tone! xx

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  2. Super cute look! Best wishes with the hike this weekend. Having a cheat meal to look forward to is always nice when you're working so hard too! ;)

  3. Love that color and the leopard print belt on you!

  4. Oh my gosh, I get hangry all the time! I definitely need to work on finding some snacks that make me fuller for longer.

  5. I am alllll about the chambray!!! Such a cute outfit and so easy to wear! Unfortunately it's still very very cold snowy and chilly here in Canada so I'm a little Jeally :)

  6. Great job on those hike. Let me share from experience that those mountains DO GET EASIER and feels so GOOD to get to the top without dying. Don't stop!!!

  7. Great look, the sweater is such an awesome color on you! I love my chambray and re-1orking it for different outfits can be so much fun!

  8. This outfit is really cute! I love chambray bc it can easily be used in all season. Good look! I also really love your purple sweater.