Monday, March 30, 2015

No Plans Kind of Weekend

Happy Monday! Want to know why it's a happy Monday? Tomorrow Mr. and I are taking a small little get-a-way sans kids! Our first one since before we even got pregnant with Mini Fox, so it's a long time coming and much needed. So excited :)

So onto this past weekend. Since we had a super busy weekend the previous weekend, we decided to keep it simple and had no plans, a first, I know.

Friday while Baby Fox was in school, Mini Fox stole his blankie and took full advantage of him not being home.

Then after we picked up Baby Fox from school we went to our favorite place...this how she rolls.

The checker just gave her a sticker and she just kicked up her feet, it was hilarious
Friday we met up with some friends at a local shopping center (for lack of better word, I'll use shopping center) we brought our own food and just sat on the grass and let the kids run around. We haven't done that in a while, and the kids had so much fun. Definitely going to be a regular thing around here.

The other boys running around playing soccer.

Ice cream is a must to end the night. Side note: The $1 glow sticks from Target a huge hit. Baby Fox put them on his shoes, another plus, we could always see where he was when running around in the dark.

Parent of the year right here, earlier Baby Fox had a donut and ice cream and cake at preschool, I totally forgot this when I bought him more ice cream. Although about halfway through he says, I'm done, I have a tummy ache, can we go home now?
Saturday morning I was up at 5:30am to meet up with friends for our hike. No ocean view today, but just wait for it...we got a very different, but equally pretty view.

Just keep hiking...and eventually you will hike above the fog and got the most specatular/unexpected view.

There's ocean out there somewhere

Taken after a particularly hard long hill hike, half way to the top, yes, yes I do need to "stop" to take a selfie...haha.
A little higher in the hike.

Rising sun over the clouds, how pretty is that? The iphone picture just doesn't do it justice, seriously.

A Pano shot from my iPhone, how cool did this turn out? I would take my DSLR, but then that's just another 4 pounds I'd have to hike up with, haha. This hike, while super hard, really refreshes me and I feel ready to tackle the day. Plus you feel so accomplished when you've already hiked 5 miles and it's only 8am :)

After I got back I took Baby Fox with me to my eyebrow appointment and some errands. After my eyebrow appointment we walked over to the used book store and bought a few books. I was actually looking for the 6th book in the Harry Potter Series. When buying them used, they look like new and usually cost $5 or below...sold! But for some reason they always have all the other books, never book day, I will find you book 6!

I might have gotten him some new shoes and socks because the flip flops he chose to wear gave him blisters...of course he needs a new pair of shoes. I got a new purse, he got some new shoes, success if you ask me.

Random note: I only know how to spell success because on Full House it's the word that Stephanie got wrong in the Spelling Bee...haha.
I need to stop at the Container Store for a boot box for my tall boots, since they were just hanging out in my closet with no place to be, it was driving me crazy. This whole outfit is new, I was going to give this outfit to Baby Fox in his Easter Basket, but Mr. didn't like the idea of giving the kids non Easter related stuff in their baskets, so I just gave it to him this morning, and he HAD to wear it (it's a spiderman shirt and matching shorts, ones to replace the one he has that is too small but yet he wears them ever single time to preschool, I seriously think they only think he has one outfit). New shoes and socks...haha.

Little Monkey, he wanted to pose on the light post.

Ready for some lunch

Just as we stopped to get some lunch, Mr. called and asked where we were because he wanted to go get pizza for his cheat day. I told him Baby Fox wanted to eat at In and Out, but that I would come pick up Mini Fox so he could go get his pizza. Turns out that the pizza place he wanted to go to closed, he was super disappointed.

We shared a table with another family, its was super packed so we rearranged so we could share with them and they could still eat with their family sitting at the next table.

French fry lover

After lunch Baby Fox had an appointment to get his hair cut. Mini Fox though she was so cool playing the video games like Coco (what she calls Baby Fox).

Such a cutie

All done with his hair styled...when did he turn 6?!

While the kids napped I made a cake for Baby Fox's preschool teacher for her birthday. Baby Fox decorated a card. This was the first time he actually drew a picture and then colored it in...too bad I forgot to take a picture of the finished card, darn!

I actually made his teacher a mini cake, so I had enough batter to make Mr. a cake too. Especially since we left his birthday cake at my aunts house, oops!

Sunday was super low key...really, I promise.

Church, They're going to find the donuts.

We dropped off Baby Fox's birthday cake

Some playing outside while Daddy BBQ's lunch. Little lady was trying to get my attention inside. LOL.

Caught! Isn't that dress the cutest thing ever?

Off to swim lessons, someone is more then ready, he's roaring, because he's so scary with his killer whale goggles.

 Everyone took a nap when we got home, then dinner and bed...not too eventful, or picture worthy.

What did you guys do this weekend? What was the best part?

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