Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My New Obsession + Fitness Update

I think I have an obsession with this sweater. Seriously I wear it all the time. Perhaps I need it in more colors, so I'm not always wearing the same sweater? Loft, gotta hand it to you, it's the perfect length, weight, I love everything about it (sorry no longer available).

Fitness Update:

Another week gone...I'm beginning to think this diet might not be for me. In all honesty I just feel not satisfied with eating. Like I'm just eating to live and that's just no fun. But I am feeling pretty good, other then that. We'll see how I feel in a few more weeks. I think Mr. and I decided we're doing this until May 1st.

Half a pound lost. Mr. seems to think I'm getting more toned and my rib cage is slimmer, and I feel like my butt is really getting toned (which I'm sure makes Mr. happy, haha!) I think three weeks of something isn't enough time to really make a judgement. The first few weeks are probably when you're body is adjusting to whatever you're doing. Which is probably why a lot of people quite diets so early on into them. They aren't seeing the results. I wish I had taken measurements of everything, Oh well. I'll keep trudging alone.

Kid Pictures:

What's a post without some pictures of my kids?

Baby Fox showing off his hat he made in preschool. Love that smile.

Mini Fox with my Dad, they're doing "shhhhh, don't tell Mom I'm on a rock"

Picking a Dandelion

One of our neighbors commented on how she looks like a little doll, and I think I have to agree with them, especially with this outfit on.

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