Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Something I've Wanted to Try + Fitness Update

So I've always wanted to wear one of my maxi's with a shirt over it. But all of my maxi's and shirts never seemed to look good. Then I thought, hey what about my denim shirt...that might work, and low and behold I loved it! I thought it needed some sort of statement necklace, so I pulled this out from my brothers wedding, added some ankle boots and bam, I got me a new outfit. In case you were wondering this is the dress I wore for our family photoshoot.

I always try jumping shots, but using a remote and being by myself, didn't really work, but I thought I would show you how funny it turned out...remember to smile while jumping, it's harder than you think.

Onto my heathy/fit initiative:

I have lost about 2 pounds. Woo hoo! We'll see how this week goes. I didn't work out yesterday because I think I might be getting another sinus annoying. One a month is NOT okay. I think I might actually have to go to the doctors. Boo. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30am to go hiking, I know who am I? It was crazy early, but so much fun.

And so pretty. I didn't walk nearly as fast as the other people, so I spent a good chunk of time by myself, and it was great to just be.

I am seriously so lucky where I live. I couldn't live in a better place!
Tonight is R.I.P.P.E.D, and tomorrow is probably a T25 workout. I won't have time Friday or the weekend because we're and when I say we're I really mean I'm because I'm getting away with some friends! I'm so excited I can hardly contain it.

So the diet, it's called the Slow Carb Diet (a way to lose specifically fat), this guy has a great website on it. Anyway by Friday I was just angry...I didn't pack enough food for work, so I was just hungry, all the time. Which you're not supposed to be at all, if you're eating enough protein. So this week, I've ramped up the protein and so far so good. No angry wife/mama here. So far, but we'll see when Friday rolls around again, haha.

I'll report back next week with my results from Saturday. Thinking those first two pounds were probably water weight, but we'll see. Summer here I come! I might actually buy a new bathing suit, something I haven't done in 7 years...well I did buy a speedo one-piece to wear to swim lessons with the kids. My bikini's are not meant to swim in, lol. I spent more time making sure I didn't pop out then enjoying the lesson, LOL.



  1. Awww...what a great outfit and you look so pretty!

  2. bahaha to the jumping picture. ditto. I never nail those, but hey they are fun anyways =) Love the look.
    Yay on the two pounds. And is a problem ahah. I hope your extra protein fixes that.

  3. I love this outfit - I might try it with my denim shirt. Have a fun weekend!

    1. Your have to Lana, super easy way to make your maxi dresses into another outfit.

  4. Looooove the look of the shirt over the maxi! So cute! I thought your jumping photo looks awesome! Mine always look.... terrifying, ha ha!
    Congrats on your weight loss! You're doing so amazing! I hope you're not getting sick again :( Obviously it sucks to feel like crap, but it puts such a damper on the workout regimen! Crossing my fingers you feel 100% asap!

  5. Cute outfit! And that jumping shot is priceless! I give you props for at least trying it! I am not that brave :)

  6. I LOVE this outfit!!!! you look awesome!!!
    I'm wondering if I can tie my chambray over my growing belly lol, likely won't look nearly as cute!

    Good for you for getting up so early and for doing so well on your goals! amazing!

  7. Very pretty color and texture mix~!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place