Monday, October 19, 2015

A 5th Annual Pumpkin Patch Outing

Friday I had to get some blood drawn, so here's me waiting in the lobby of the hospital...what else is there to do but take a selfie? Discretely of course so no one sees.

For dinner this one asked for pancakes with syrup, and the other one wanted apple they both got what they wanted. For the record she's a good little cook.

That big one closest to you is the apple one. I just made regular pancake mix and then diced up apples. Of course we had bought the bacon thinking we were going to bring it to my aunt and uncle's last week, so we had to make it before it went bad.

Saturday was morning snuggles while Mommy made breakfast.

This is what Mr. wanted for breakfast, bread/cheese/egg/bacon/egg/bacon/egg/cheese/bread. I'm not even kidding, that's the stack he had on this thing.

Mr. had to study so I took the kids on some errands while he studied before soccer time. Of course Target was on the list of places.

We grabbed some lunch from Chick-Fil-A (my first time ordering/going there), note to self, 4 pieces of grill chicken nuggets is not enough  for the girl, but more than enough for the boy. If she had it her way, she would have eaten hers and his.

OH and I did I mention that it wasn't 100° out? It was more like 84° with some cloud coverage, made they whole soccer thing so much more bearable.

I knew you wondered if I took a selfie of us, of course. The girl couldn't be bothered with stopping to swallow her food.

Soccer was good, the kids weren't boiling and Baby Fox got a good run in! Successful day in 3-5 year old soccer.

After naps, we let Mr. study some more and I headed to my parents. It was cute to see Baby Fox in the stroller and Mini Fox holding onto the side...role reversal.

Mini Fox is a super drama queen when it comes to injuries, so my sister put a frozen face mask on her head when she bumped it and we made it a crown. Here Baby Fox is kissing it better for her.

And no princess it complete without her gun.

These kids really know how to play my Dad, he lets them pretty much do anything.

Sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch with friends. We got there first so I tried to get a picture...this is what I got.

he really wanted to do this:

Mr. found somewhere we could hang out while we wanted, bays of hay to jump off of? Perfect!

My mom bought this skirt for Mini Fox...when she was 3 months old! It finally cute right? I found that shirt at Gymboree at the after Halloween mega sale.  Do you see Baby Fox in the background jumping?

Wish I was  a little further away, but he just  jumped when I was trying to get a picture of both of them...I just love that smile that I caught.

Even though it's blurry, it's totally her personality, Ms. Daredevil, doing anything her brother can do.

Our friends got there and we went in, and I tried to get another picture of them...

Our friends daughter was helping Mini Fox across the bales of hair.

The best picture we got of the kids together.

So sad our third friend couldn't join us...she's off having a baby! This is year 5 with this tradition! I can't believe we've been going to this pumpkin patch together for 5 years! Next year there will be 7 of them in there, crazy town!

Our family pictures...not so great, please just let us get ONE photo from our photo shoot next week, just ONE, that's all I'm asking.

Hey she's smiling!

He's can you guys just do that together at the same time?!

And then we ended the whole day with hay jumping.

After lunch and naps, I promised the kids we would go to the park, now that it's not a bazillion degrees out. He wanted to ride his scooter and she wanted to ride her scooter too, aka tricycle.

When we got there our friends from down the street were there.

The witching hour...she hit her brother and tried to steal his laptop (aka leapfrog).

Step 1: Time out

Step 2: Talk it out

Step 3: apologize to brother and hug it out.

And then we had ribs for dinner, which were delicious and Mr. ate them before I could get a picture, they were yummy. FYI Stater Brother's has them on sale right now.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Do anything extra fun?!

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