Monday, October 26, 2015

Super Packed Weekend

Happy Monday...well not so sure about that, get to that later, but I had a great weekend! Friday was my off Friday so I hit up the allergy docs early, before Mr. left for work.

I'm fairly certain she wasn't enjoying my pain, she's laughing at me because I'm taking a picture of her giving me a shot. She was a good sport and said, maybe you should take another picture of the other arm too, so they know you get a shot in both arms, haha.

After that, I raced home, got Baby Fox ready for school and walked him over there. Then I dropped Mini Fox off at my parents so I could get some work and errands done. Went to AAA to get my temporary handicap placard, the medical supply place to get some crutches and tried to get my prescription but ended up not getting it, figure I would wait...and you want to know why I'm getting all this stuff? About 10 days ago, Mr. and I decided to finally get that ankle surgery I've been needing. I have a torn tendon in my ankle that bothers me everyday and even more on days that I work out. So if you're reading this at 10:15 PST then I'll be in surgery.

But on to more fun things, I decided since it's going to be a while before I can walk normal (think 2 months) I took Baby Fox to Disneyland. I really wanted to see the new Electrical Parade (which I don't think they call it that any more), and then we find out that they are closing at 7pm for a Halloween Party! Arg...but we made the most of it. I videoed most of the day, so only got a few pictures.

I'll post more when I get the video together.

Meanwhile Mini Fox was having a blast with my parents. They took her to a pumpkin patch and did horse back riding. And you want to know what the first thing she told me when she saw me? My horse pooped!

 Friday ended like this:

Saturday was super busy! We got up and got going, and took this guy for a haircut for family photos on Sunday.

I think they only reason he likes getting his hair cut is because it's the only time he gets to play video games.

She was super patient.

Then wanted to ride in her own pink car.

Afterwards we headed straight to soccer...I'm not normally a advocate for this, but the only way to get Mini Fox to not run onto the field was to let her play with my a picture...most of them were of the grass.

Then afterwards we headed home to pick up Mr., who was studying for a test (he's taking it at 2:45 PST today) and headed to our cousin's 1st birthday party. It was pumpkin theme, so of course Mini Fox wore her pumpkin outfit from last week.

And just to be a little different/Fall theme, they had a pie bar, instead of cake, super cute right?

They had pumpkin painting...

and sand box

I think they kids just love being with their cousins! They rarely get to see all of them at the same was great! Hard getting that many kids to look at the same place.

Some of my cousins, love them!

Happy 1st birthday!

Sunday, I took the kids to church with my Dad and then we hit up In and Out afterwards (Baby Fox's request).

In case you wanted to know how busy it is...this location is one of the busier ones, and it ALWAYS looks like this no matter what time you go...crazy right?

Mr. likes to call family picture day "your Super Bowl" and he really isn't that far off. I love planning the outfits, the location, getting ready, everything about it. I really hope there are some good ones! I didn't get a picture of the rest of my family, but I did take one of me after we were done, and everyone had changed...oops!

Came home and got some dinners prepped for the rest of the week, as I will probably not be able to get around that great on!

Pork chops with butternut squash and escarole.

A ton of taco meat...we like to freeze it in 1 pound bags so we can eat it whenever we want...yum!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I hope to post this week, but seeing as that I never get posts done a head of time...well see. Tomorrow I hope to have a post to you about how I came to need ankle surgery...I don't think I ever told you guys that...I blame Mr.

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