Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites #48

Baby Fox is growing up, this magazine of toys came to the house and he spent hours just browsing and fawning over everything...he didn't really care up until this year. Christmas is going to be so much fun.

He even circled the ones that he really wanted Santa to bring.

A friend posted this article and I just had to share the video. I was choked up the entire time.


I might have squealed with delight when I read this article...I cannot believe it! Several sources, here, here and here have confirmed that this is in the works! That last link repeated several times This is Not a love for Gilmore Girls runs deep, deep as in I've probably watched most of the episodes several times over. Please don't play with my emotions and please Matt Czuchry come back too!


We try to rotate through the toys we have, we aren't always good at it, but we try to be, but we got this out of the garage, it's probably been a good 9 months. 

Favorite picture of the week of the kids. They are just so cute together and you can tell how much they love each other.
Even though this is blurry, I still love it!

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