Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mickey/Minnie Mouse On a Stick

Okay peeps, get ready for the easiest of easy tutorials. Seriously. I know I always say that, but this one really is simple.


One Bag of 3" Styrofoam Balls (comes with 6)
One Bag of 2" Styrofoam balls (comes in a bag of 12, convenient...)
Black Spray Paint
Tooth Picks (mine are multi-colored because that's all I had)
Dowel (I just asked at my Michae's where they kept them, they were in two places, one place had smaller ones like the ones below, the other ones were really big, and not the ones we want)
Ribbon for making a bow (if you're making Minnie Mouse)
Glue Gun

Step 1:

Insert toothpick into 2" Styrofoam ball, on mine there was a small circle on the bottom of the ball, so I used that, since I didn't want that to be seen. These Styrofoam balls were actually quite dense, so I had to insert toothpick, then take out to dab some hot glue in the hole. Make two of these.

Step 2:

Take the 3" Styrofoam ball and hold it with one hand

With the other hand, insert the "ear" into the correct position.

It should look something like this.

The finished Mickey/Minnie head. If you want you could sand down those little ridges, but I didn't feel like doing that. Had I thought ahead and done these crafts months/weeks in advance I might have done that.

Step 3:

Insert dowel. Like the toothpicks you're going to want to put it into the Styrofoam first, and then take out, put glue in the hole and put in dowel.

This is what it should look like now.

Step 4:

Here comes the fun part! Spray painting of course. I almost used paint, but thought, hey spray paint is going to be much faster, and it was, I sprayed it once and let it dry for about 20 minutes, even though the can said fast drying. Then sprayed it a 2nd time just to get it coated more evenly with black paint.

Of course you're going to want to do this outside and not near something you care about.
Step 6:

This is what it will look like when you're all done, super cute and easy right?! Now if you were doing a Mickey you could definitely now paint the bottom half red, with some yellow buttons, or keep as is. Since we had a Minnie party, I made a bow, using this tutorial. I actually made my own bow maker, using a box I got from Amazon and those dowels that you see above. Pretty easy, just made the holes 3 inches apart and did a single loop of that video.

I found these buckets in the dollar section at Target, and thought it was perfect. I then used the left over tissue paper from the Minnie Mouse Wreath, and scrunched it up and put it around the dowel and this is what I got, a super cute Minnie Mouse table decoration. Oh and I also used some ribbon to cover the dowel, since I didn't like the brown stick look and I didn't have any pink paint. If you did want to paint the stick I would have done that first, before putting them in the heads.

So there you have it, a super simple Minnie/Mickey centerpieces.

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