Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites #46

Happy Friday! Today is my day off, have lots of errands to do. I was going to take the kids to Disneyland tonight to watch the parade (apparently it's a pretty awesome Ode to the Electrical Parade), but it's supposed to be over 100 degrees, and for some reason at Disneyland it's always 10 degrees I think we'll have to wait.

 But speaking of Disneyland, this guy go to go this week, and it was reported back that on one of the rides, I can't remember which one, at the beginning he said, I'm not so sure about this, I want off, but he couldn't get off, for obvious reason and then at the end of the ride, he jumped off the ride and said, THIS WAS THE MOST AWESOME RIDE EEEVVVVEEEERRR!!!!!! Of course while jumping up and down. Then they were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and he was all good until the first drop, and said, I want off this thing, where is the ladder?!

A good friend gave us this high chair that she has as a little girl. She sanded and stained it that dark color. The kids absolutely LOVE it! We have such thoughtful friends.

She then asked Baby Fox if she could take his chair to stain it, this was the look he gave her, hilarious.

It's official, we're parents. No seriously, do you ever have those moments were you're like holy cow I'm a parents and making all these important decisions right now. Last night was one of those moments for us. We went to a school parent information meeting for one of the schools we're considering for Baby Fox come next Fall, say what? I can't believe he's going to be in Kindergarten next year!! Freaking out going on over here.

 Last night I went out with some friends, one of them had said hey there is this really good massage place, it's not fancy, but it's cheap. Hey we'd give it a try right? Holy cow when I showed up to this place I wanted to run. Yep no sign of what it's called, besides in tiny print on the a sign in the window. All of the other places in the plaza had the big lighted up signs on the building, nope not this one...but we knew people who had actually used them and braved it. It turned out to be really awesome, I mean it's no Burke Williams, but for $40 for a full body hot stone massage, I'm in!

Drinks with friends are always good, we talked about everything, caught up and just enjoyed being out without the littles around. Perfect evening.
Please excuse the no make-up I just got an hour massage thing

This reminds me of being a just the thought of it makes me itchy and my sinuses swell up...but oh to be a kid again! P.S. it's only 7 seconds, it will make you smile, I promise.
That's all I have for today. Doing anything fun this weekend? We're headed to my aunt and uncle's for dinner on Saturday, other than that soccer and trying to beat the heat. Please get cooler Mother Nature, we're ready for it, and I promise not to wish for warmer weather.
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