Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites #45

Yay it's Friday! As you read this (probably) they're moving my office...okay who are we kidding I don't have an office I live in cubeland. They're moving me to another location, boo! It's about 15 minutes further from home, double boo. I might have to take another vanpool...which leaves an hour earlier than the one I take...make me have to get up at 3:30am, every morning. I might die if I have to do this. Please keep your fingers crossed that my current van wants to keep me and will work around my new office location. Next week is our trial run and we're going to make a final decision then. But enough about that, onto fun things that happened this week!

Love getting pictures of the kids in the morning. I can't believe she's wearing a headband. She is just too cute for words.

He couldn't be bothered to stop for a picture, he was too busy eating breakfast.

 Baby Fox wanted to do silly faces, so I did this...

Then he said, No mommy you have to do it like me...

Then he said no Mommy, your eyes are too open, you have to close them a bit. LOL, ask and you shall receive the most hideous picture of your Mommy ever.

I couldn't imagine a better Dad for the kids. He got so giddy with excitement that he had bought Mini Fox a ridiculous amount of dresses. He took each one out of the box to show me, it was so cute.

speaking of girly things, I think my 2 year old can walk better than me in heels. Okay not really, but she's pretty darn close!

I'm so sad that this guy is retired this week. He was my officemate for 4 years and then we got our own cubes, but we sat right next to each other, and then also my carpool buddy for 4 years. We also happened to move to his city, and he's watched Baby Fox on several occasions for us. I'm super sad that he's leaving, but really happy that we live in the same city and can hopefully get together once in a while.

Kids got to go to Dinseyland this week. This guy tried his first ever corndog and loved it!

When I got home Baby Fox told me he had a corndog and loved it and Mini Fox chimed in. Papa does too! (this is a true statement, I have no idea how she knows this)

Side Note: Baby Fox calls my dad Ampa while Mini Fox has decided to call him Papa, it get confusing what to say at times.

Each of them got to chose one ride, he chose Buzz Light Year, she chose Small World

Ice cream all around before heading home for naps.

Great week for the kids, crazy week for me at work. But better than last week, so I'll take it. Not doing much this weekend, just soccer and my MNO, which I'm really looking forward to. Get to play with my new make-up palette. What are you up to this weekend?

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