Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - Show Us Your Costumes

Hello, happy Tuesday. Today I'm linking up with Andrea again for her Show and Tell Tuesday, this time she's asking us about past Halloween's. I've talked about them before, so click on the year to take you to the post, else I'll recap it for you.

I have to be honest with you, before kids, I just wasn't into Halloween...at all! Like never got dressed up, never went to parties, I just hated everything about it. Coming up with costumes, finding them, making them, everything about it. But now, kids are my game changer. After we had Baby Fox, our first Halloween I made our costumes! Ambitious I know.


My mom showed me on the first one, and then I made the other two. For a first time costume sewer I think I did okay.


I worked during Baby Fox's naps and on weekends, 1.5 months later I got this:

I think I have a pretty fantastic husband willing to dress up as a bear for me.


We found this cute Dragon Costume at Old Navy so we went as a dragon, a knight in shining armor and a princess.


Again Old Navy for the win, we found the zebra costume and Baby Fox pretty much fell in love with it the minute he saw it. So we went with it. Mini Fox was only 7 weeks old and Old Navy had a cute little Monkey jacket, so we bought that and Mr. took one for the team and wore the bear costume again! I decided to go as a Park Ranger trying to tame her animals.


Last year, again we let Baby Fox lead the way and he wanted to be Spiderman, so we went with it, and made Mini Fox Wonder Woman and Mr. and I were the bad guys. I actually tailored my own costume. I had to buy a men's one size fits all, and Mr. and I wanted the same stripes, so I seamed ripped the sleeves off, cut down the shoulder size and then sewed the sleeves back on. I was pretty proud of myself.


Which brings us to this year...we haven't gone to any Halloween parties yet, but the kids did try on their costumes when they got here. This is them in theirs:

Can you guess what Mr. and I are going to be? This very well might be our last year doing a family theme, so we just bought our costumes and called it a day. You'll have to come back after Halloween to see what we were!

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