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Fall Challenge and First Jobs = Random Post

Guess what is back? The Style Challenge! If you haven't signed up to get a list of clothes and then 21 days worth of outfits, it's not too late to sign up and join in on the fun!

Outfits just started on Monday, so I only have 2 to show you today. Let's get started. Here are the two outfits.

Day 1:

This day was a total and complete fail. It called for burgundy pants*, and I got a pair, but they are at the tailors getting hemmed...darn, huge fail on when I told him I could pick them up, oops! So I substituted red pants*. I don't have a blush blouse either, haven't found one that I like yet, so I substituted this cute polka dot shirt that I got from Forever 21 (can't find online).

Even though it's not the styled outfit, I really liked this outfit and I'm not sure if I would have put it together on my own.

Day 2:

Day two was a half fail, it called for an orange sweater, while I do love orange, I just never found one that I liked enough. Actually to tell you the truth I didn't really look, I tried to shop from my closet on this one. A lot of the stuff I got, like the Boyfriend Jeans (similar*), I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I basically spent my Fall outfit money then. Totally worth it! Every time I wear this sweater Mr. always complements me and says how much he loves it. I forgot to take a picture of the back side, but it has a cute zipper that goes a little bit down my back.

These jeans, are so, so comfortable! I have a pair of boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, which are comfy too, but these are super comfy and I loved the distressed part. I've never owned a pair of distressed jeans. I guess I always thought, why pay for holes to be put into your jeans...haha. I would however size down, I bought my own size and by the end of the day I was pulling up my pants. Still comfy though.

Stay tuned for next weeks outfits, you'll get 7 outfits, provided I get my burgundy pants* back!

On to a random:

So Andrea from Momfessionals has a every other Tuesday link up that I totally forgot about yesterday, so I'm joining in today. Today's topic is Your and your spouses first job.

I wish I had some pictures for you. But I don't, darn. So let's just get into it, I'll find some pictures on the interwebz so you don't get too bored. I started babysitting at 12, now and days, I couldn't imagine leaving my kids with a 12 year old, by themselves all night. I mean I did take a babysitting class at the hospital, but seriously 12. Taking care of kids, one family I babysat for at a 5 and 3 year old, the other one a 7, 5 and 3 year old. Crazy times. Anyway, before I start, I have to tell you when Mr. and I first started dating, he claims that I have worked everywhere. Every time we would pass something, he claims I would say, hey I used to work be the judge.

When I was almost 16, I got a job at, yep that's right Subway, I was a sandwich artist:

Found this on Katlin's Blog - She's a fellow sandwich Artist too
The owner of this subway also owned Dryers Ice cream which was next door, but shared a back room, so we went back and forth between Subway making sandwiches and Dryers scooping ice cream. Actually I do still have both uniforms in a box in the garage...or wait, I actually think it's in Mini Fox's closet.

This is John Harrison, when I Googled, Dryers Ice Cream Employee I got a bunch of pictures of the ice cream and him. so I chose him. He's the taste tester for Dryers, he's tasted over 200 millions gallons of ice cream over 42 years, crazy! Read about him here.

After that I got a job at Big 5 through my cousin. I was the cashier, but I really did learn a lot about sports equipment, so that was a good learning experience. I only quite because I went away to college. I actually met my first serious boyfriend at Big 5.

source - This is not the one I worked at, I couldn't find a picture, so I picked a pretty looking one
When I came home from college that first year I started working with my Aunt at Sur La Table. When I first heard about it, my first reaction was, I don't want to work with old ladies. Well those old ladies were/are super awesome, and I cherish the 2.5 years I spent there. I think I liked this job the most, only because  I learned SO much about cooking, plus I got/earned free cookware in the process, win-win.

source - again couldn't find a picture of the one I worked at, so I picked a pretty one
Other jobs that I had during college, librarian (okay not really, I sat at a desk, checked out books for people and then shelved books, during finals week I stayed late so people could study till midnight. Sorry Leslie and Katie I don't think I was meant to be a librarian. I worked at a coffee cart right in the middle of the school quad, we called Alumni Mall, right next to Foley Pond (really a fountain)

source - it is a little nicer now, with the fancy scalloped awning, but otherwise looks pretty much the same
Then I worked at a conferences and scheduling place on campus. So let's recap all of my jobs:

Big 5
Sur La Table
Coffee Cart

That's only 7 jobs, and Mr. says I've worked everywhere, haha.

Mr., his first job was at Blockbuster. Do you guys remember them? That was his first job, kakki pants and blue shirt. He said that what he realized working there was that he didn't want a job that made him stand on his feet all day long, and that he better go to school so he could do something else. Smart guy. On and click here for the story on how Blockbuster broke up with us...I think that pretty much bring his Blockbuster days full circle.


What was your first job(s)?

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