Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites #52

Hi All! Happy Friday! I have next week off, and today off so it's extra happy for me! I work from home for a month followed by a week off for vacation, best life ever.

The title says #52 but really it's not, at some point I must have missed some, I think I'm around 49 or so...

Guess where these lucky ducks got to go yesterday...wish I could have joined them!


Lucky Ducks


Two nights out with friends...joyous! Thank You Mr. For watching the kids...well the second on the kids went to bed before she got there.

It's midnight when we took this picture, we're tired and I got up at 5am....wait correction 5:02am.

I tried to take a selfie to show you guys that I actually got dressed...and then this happened:

Finally one by myself...although I sort of like my photobombers better.

My favorite thing to do is family errands. We headed to Costco...really so the kids could ride with me on the cart.

Just kickin' it in the basket...

While picking up dinner she was memorized by the dancers and was doing some dance moves of her own.

Back at home, full and happy.

Hope you all have a great week! Happy Thanksgiving if some of you are taking off!
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