Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Last

I was going through old posts...trying to find something and I came across this post and thought I would do it again, because it's fun.

The Last -

Person I texted: My sister, she texted me to tell me that a friend of ours kid wrote down that Baby Fox was his cousin. Which isn't too far off since we do spend Christmas with them every year. I think if you spend Christmas together you're family.

Movie I Watched:  The November Man. Have you seen it? It's on Netflix and it's sort of James Bondish which is funny since it stars Pierce Brosnan. It's a little complicated plot, but Mr. and I both enjoyed it. And it's on Netflix so no renting anything involved.

Person I Talked To On The Phone: Mini Fox's doctor. I called to see if we should bring her in. They said only if I wanted, but they really thought it was a virus...poor thing, her voice is all scratchy and is hacking up a storm and can't breathe...makes for problems in her pacifier world.

The Last Package To Arrive: I'm really embarrassed to say this, but this is what my front door looks like. I haven't had time to open them. Some of them are Christmas gifts for the kids so I can't open them in front of them, and then I forget to open them when they are in bed.

Outfit I wore:

Weeeelllll, I've been living in shorts and t-shirts. Shorts because I can't get pants over my cast, and t-shirts because I need access to my upper arms for my allergy shots, fun times. I just took a picture right now what I'm wearing. I washed my hair today, you're welcome :) And I haven't worn make-up since before the surgery and I'm not hating it :) Excuse the mess in the background, I was blogging on my kitchen counter.

Thing I cooked:

I cooked a tri-tip on the grill in the dark last night. I should have taken a picture, bad blogger.  I also made a baked potato and rubbed some oil, and garlic salt on it, threw it in the oven, crispy on the outside yummy on the inside. My favorite way to eat a baked potato. (If you want to do it too, make sure you microwave and cook the potato fully before putting the oil and garlic salt on it.)

Thing I ate:

Said tri-tip and bake potato...oh and peas. It was yummy.

Picture I took on My iPhone:

Sadly it was of Mini Fox being all sick yesterday. She was just feeling miserable and so I took a picture of her to send to Daddy. He brought home ice cream.

Show I watched:

Grey's Anatomy, I seriously love that show! Although this season isn't as good as last season...hoping it picks up. All you Grey's fans out there, what are your thoughts on this season?

Game I Played On My iPhone:

Umm...I don't have any games on my iPhone, but I did play what was the numbers games that everyone was obsessed with a while back? Oh...2042, or something like that. After I beat that I stopped playing, then I got a new phone and it went away, and I haven't loaded any games since. Any games you guys recommend? The last board game was Hungry, Hungry, Hippo, where my kids wiped the floor with me. Mini Fox was probably the best player...a 2 year old...

That's all for today. I think I'll do these once a quarter or something, it's fun to go back and read what I wrote the last time :)

What was the last thing you ordered online? Anything I should know about?

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