Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - Giving Back

Linking back up with Andrea for another Show and Tell Tuesday. This time she's asking us about service organizations we are involved with. When I was in college I was in a service organization called Sursum Corda, it was some of the best times, and I met some of my best friends in that group. Since college I have volunteered at things here and there, but, and it's said I have to add this, I just don't find the time as much as I used to.

That being said the most recent charity thing I've been involved with is Thomas House.

I had mentioned a few weeks back that I went to a Gala to raise money for them and their cause. I think this is such a worthy cause and really reminds me of Good Shepard, one of my favorite volunteer things in college.

Thomas House is a place that provides a safe and supportive environment to families with children to help them get back on their feet. While at the Gala we actually got to meet Sandra and hear her story. She is doing well and attending college all because she and her family had Thomas House to support them when they needed it.

At the end of the night they said if you hadn't bid on anything that you could still help by placing your number in a backpack that was being passed around and that would be donating $100 for a backpack and all of the supplies the kids would need for the school year for one student. Sandra had mentioned that she was always on the receiving side of the backpacks and didn't realize how much love, support and work went into providing those backpacks to her and her brothers each year.

My friend has been asked to be a co-chair for next years Gala and I intend to help out as much as I can, in whatever way I can. For now I have "adopted" one of the kids for Christmas and am currently going through his Christmas list and trying to get everything he needs. 

When I got home I told Mr. that it was such a great organization and that it was something that I think I really wanted to get involved with when the kids got a little older. For now we will donate when we can and help out anyway we can. I'm looking forward to getting the little foxes involved with volunteering and helping others.


What charities do you support and why? Leave it in the comments below!

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