Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mr’s PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) Adventure

Hello everyone! Remember that list of questions I asked Mr. last week? And one of them was what he thought about Pumpkin Spice Latte's...well you asked and he went and got himself one. Here's his PSL review!
Take it away Mr.
There’s a first time for everything. Since I was unable to answer Sarah’s question about the PSL, I decided to try one… with my free Starbucks reward. I’m only willing to go so far for science.

The Purchasing Experience
Starbucks wasn’t busy for once. A disinterested barista asked for my order. When I responded with “Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte”, he responded an internal eye roll that said “Oh… it’s one of you”.  What he said out loud was “Do you want whipped cream?” The odds of this experiment being worth the calories to begin with are substantially low, so I said, “Yes… however you normally make it”.

Visual Impressions
I got this thing back to the lab (my desk) for a closer look. Visually, this is a pumpkin drink purchased from a store decked out in full Thanksgiving regalia and served in a Christmas cup. I think it’s fair to say this thing is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis.

But I’m not shallow. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?
This is somehow even less promising than the outside. I’ve seen things this color before. I have not purposefully ingested anything this color before.
That’s a solid D-minus in the looks category.
Bouquet (a fancy word for smell)
Not as pumpkiny or spicy as I expected. It does smell very latte. So half credit for that one. Not bad though.
First sip: The first word that comes to mind is “why?” I could have had my regular unsweetened Cold Brew.
Second sip: It seems a little buttery if that’s possible.
Third – Sixth sip: What the heck does this taste like anyway?
Seventh sip:  I’m not hating this. Probably the best part about it is that it’s not too sweet, too pumpkiny, or too spicy. I was advised to get the extra pump of pumpkin spice, but I’m sure that would have been a mistake. That second pump would have crossed the line…
This experience reminds me of a business trip I took to San Antonio. I went there. I walked on the river walk. I had fun. I didn’t pay for it. And I’m never going back. I don’t hate San Antonio or the PSL, we had an okay time. It’s me, not you. We should keep in touch. I’ll totally text you sometime…
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