Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mommy/Son Disneyland Date

I forgot to recap Disneyland with Baby Fox a few Fridays ago, so here it is.

My parents had Mini Fox for the day, so I picked up Baby Fox from school and off we went to Disneyland. He was so excited. We hadn't gone just me and him before, and if you can do it with just one of your kids, it's so special and they love every moment with you! We got there a little later than I wanted, but hey what can you do. I really wanted to see the electrical parade, so I packed us a dinner and told him we were going to have to camp out to get good seats and eat dinner while we did. Good plan right? I even brought juice boxes to occupy him.

Here's us getting there and on the tram.

We walk past the security people and guess what? They're closing Disneyland early for some Halloween event at 7pm, say what?! Talk about disappointing...but at least California Adventure would still be open, and we had about 4 hours before they were going to kick us out. Gotta take the iconic picture in front of the 60th anniversary sign, even though you can't see it, it's there.

As we walk under the tunnel, we see that they've closed off the pathway for a parade, and we were in luck there wasn't anyone where we happen to walk in at, it was the beginning of the parade and we got front row seats, score!

It's Mickey starting off the parade right!

I just love Mary Poppins, I'm wondering when the kids will be interested enough to watch it...maybe/hopefully next year!

The Chimney sweeps were pretty cool too. They were the last boat, so we followed them down Main Street.

It was almost as if we were in the parade!

Second ride up was the Buzz Lightyear, one of Baby Fox's favorite. If you want to know who won, gotta watch the video (see what I did there?)

At some point we went on a Casey Juniors Circus Train, and we were caged in, oh no!

Yes we were caged in, but he chose that really they locked us in and everything. I was thinking, if there was an emergency how are we going to release the little pin he put in the door?

Last ride we did at Disneyland was a racing ride. It said that he couldn't drive because he wasn't tall enough, but I saw plenty of kids shorter than Baby Fox driving, so I probably could have let him drive...although do I really want my 4 year old driving...mostly we'd probably be a ping pong ball on the track.

As we were walking out they had all of the Halloween decorations up and lite, couldn't help but take a picture of this cute Mickey Ghost.

We walked over to California Adventure, as did the 100's of other people, luckily the line went fast, and went into Radiator Springs to Flows Café to eat our dinner I brought. For some reason he really liked that we were sitting next to these oil cans.

He said he wanted to make a potato chip and apple sandwich. Yep there is chip, apple, chip.

He said it wasn't so good...haha.

After dinner we say Lightening McQueen right across the way, so we snapped a picture with him.

The last ride of the evening was his second favorite ride, the Toy Story Ride, another shooting game, and actually this one is really fun too, one of my favorites. It's a semi long ride where you shoot "balls" from your "gun" and you have to pull a string to release them..I did a very poor job at explaining that, it's all digital. While we waited in line, he ate a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich, which was super  rock hard frozen, so it took a while for him to eat it.

It's about 10 at this point and he's out. Good day out with Baby Fox.

I don't have many pictures, because every time Courtney goes to Disney World she vlogs it, so I copied her. Note to self: next time I will charge the battery the night before, oops! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you wanted to know, and didn't want to watch the video, I won at both shooting games...going to savor this while it last because one day he's going to be wiping the floor with me.

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