Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Walking...On My Own!

I got a walking shoe, I'm supposed to be walking around...and I did! For a minute there it felt like there was never going to walk again, cue the dramatic music. But I got a walking shoe and I'm supposed to start walking...I can do it for short amounts of time, but I'm getting there. On the road to recovery.

Mini Fox is starting her selfie skills...taking after her Mama.

Needs a bit more practice

 I love when the kids are in matching jammies.

Can't get them to sit still

Friday was my off Friday so I needed some help with the kids. Mini Fox was pretty much sick all day, so my Dad came over for some good cuddling time.

He got this shot of me falling off of my crutches, way to take a picture of girl at her lowest Dad.


She just wanted Mommy snuggles for most of the day, and ended up taking a 4 hour nap.

My mom came over so my Dad could go to a football game for my cousin, and she decorated my mantle, which you'll see next week, and this guy woke up from his nap, so I got some cuddles with him. Notice a theme here, I do a lot of sitting.

Saturday was our last soccer day, well not really, but we're busy next Saturday so we can't go. Baby Fox wanted to watch his show on tv and not the football his Daddy was watching, so he was boycotting breakfast and giving me the silent treatment.

Meanwhile Daddy got some good snuggles. I kept telling him I thought she was going to throw up...and he kept saying she's fine...and guess who was right? Daddy got thrown up on.

While we were cleaning up the mess, Baby Fox got some good snuggles in.

After she threw up and seemed to be doing so much better! I guess she just needed to get it all out, even though she didn't have anything but water in her stomach. The rest of the day I pretty much sat on the couch and practiced walking to the pantry and back, haha. Soccer went great, Mini Fox was feeling better so she went to the park with my Dad and I sat on the couch some more. She's not 100% better but she's going in the right direction. There rest of the night we hung out, ate dinner, and got this great shot of a right before bedtime tantrum.

Sunday was another low key day, and guess what?! I took my own shower, I didn't have to have someone wash/rinse my hair, and it was glorious!

Me and this guy laid around and watched some TV while Mr. and Mini Fox went to the grocery store. You can't tell but we're wearing matching shirts.

After they got back I was sweeping and the kids both wanted the broom, so Mini Fox got a small dust pan and brush and Mr. said I have something better and got out the swifter and Baby Fox thought it was the coolest thing ever and dusted our tv stand, oh yea!
After lunch Mr. was BBQing some pork chops for lunches this week, and the kids wanted to ride on the plasma car together. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. A little nerve wrecking because Baby Fox goes way too fast, doesn't every mother think that?

All ready to go!

One loop around and having a blast!

During naps I went to my Mom's house to work on a blog post for The Blended Blog scheduled to post tomorrow, it's all about decorating your Thanksgiving Table. Then when I got back we ate dinner and the boys did this:
While the girls did this:

It was a great weekend, especially since I feel like I have some of my independence back, I mean I can get my own food now! We're talking huge! So excited to be on the other side of the pain and onto the recovery side. It's just going to get better and better, woo hoo!

What was the most exciting part of your weekend?
Mine was taking my own shower!

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