Monday, November 16, 2015

S'mores without the Camping

Friday night dinner, usual thumb wars happening.

We saw these* at Target online, and had to get them. Of course Mr. and I got a pair for ourselves too. But you'll have to wait for ours, I currently can't get mine over my cast, haha! But if you want them, you have to go now, they are running out fast! The men and toddlers are sold out online. And they are by one get one 50% off...of course I didn't get that deal...darn!

Getting a picture of both of them at the same time, impossible.

Hey at least they are both looking in this one...

After trying to get pictures, we played some hide and seek, we were hiding in Mr.'s office.

and then they attacked him.

After I put the kids to bed I headed out to the movies with my mom and sister. I guess they just recently changed some of the theaters into VIP, so we paid an extra $3 but got reclining chairs...Which worked out for me, since I was a little worried bout not keeping my foot up for 2.5 hours. Sexy cast and boot right? Can you all guess what sweater I am wearing?

In case you didn't get it, here's my outfit I wore on Friday night. And it really is the MOST comfortable sweater* in the world! Yes it's expensive, but if you wait for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it's much more "affordable", I say that in quotes because it's still expensive for a sweater. But you'll be wearing it almost every cold day of the cost per wear is definitely low (girl math right there)

Oh and we saw The Intern, so cute and yes I cried, I'm such a baby.

Saturday we decided that Mini Fox was still sick enough that we didn't want her relapse, so we had my parents take her for the day while we went to my cousin's kid's 1st birthday party. We missed Mini Fox, but did not miss the whining we would have gotten had she been there. The party theme was S'mores, so cute, she did a camp theme everywhere.

Trail Mix to make for the road, although my kid made one right when we got there.

Super cute right?

They had a pizza guy making pizza in their driveway, yum! Funny, this guy has been to two other parties we've been to. Random.

She had all of the fixings for S'mores...

Baby Fox thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Birthday boy wasn't so sure about his cake...

OH and we finally got a cousin picture...usually we just take a picture of all of the kids, but this time we took a picture of us! This is only some of them, but it was great to get to see all of them and catch up.

Sunday morning snuggles with this guy, we were watching The Lego Movie.

This girl helped me make pancakes. She's a really good stirrer...she's going to be a great help in the kitchen one day.

 The plan was that Daddy was going to take Mini Fox to the store with him, but that didn't really work out, so we played outside instead and I worked on a craft that I have been meaning to do for a year, no joke I bought all the materials last year. (The laptop was to try and find a tutorial, which I didn't really find a great one, so I made it up as I went.)


The kids seemed to be doing good, so Daddy snuck off to the grocery store.

This kid is going to give me a heart attack.

Oh and guess who didn't have enough stuff to finish her! But the part I did finish I really liked.

 Look at this ginormous rose that is growing on our side yard? So pretty. Reaching for the Heavens.

 And that was the last picture I took on Sunday. The rest of the day was lunch, naps, dinner, baths, more play time.

How was your weekend?

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