Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend Recap

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Friday my dad picked me up for my allergy shots and then we headed out to Costco...and guess what? I rode in one of those electric carts, a bit embarrassing, but fun.

Saturday started out a little shaky, Baby Fox woke up a little tired with a small fever and just wanted to snuggle. I'm not going to argue with that. We had to cancel going to Baby Fox's soccer game and luckily my parents were coming to pick up Mini Fox for a day out with them, so I could just snuggle Baby Fox and not have to worry about the Mini.

Mini Fox wanted to snuggle her brother and make him all better before leaving with my parents.

The last time he slept on me he was probably 1, he mostly prefers Mr., I think it's because there is more surface area to get comfy.

Baby Fox took a 3 hour nap (we eventually moved him to his room) and when he woke up he was feeling better, so we went ahead with our Halloween plans. Out with the same friends we've gone out with the past 5 years.

This year we had a couple of other people join the group, and one family just had a baby, so they couldn't come, but it was still a great group.

The hostess made the best smoked brisket EVER!  I wanted to eat the whole thing...luckily the gimpy status prevented me from taking the plate and running.

After dinner everyone got in their costumes and took the obligatory pictures. So you know that Mini and Baby Fox were Bat Girl and Batman, respectively, guess what Mr. and I were? That's right Joker and Robin (a gimpy Robin, we kept telling people that's what happens when you fight with The Joker).

Yep that's right, hid my leg behind Batman
Out the group headed, wagon, double Bob and pink car in tow.

Since I am the one that normally takes all the pictures, not many were, next year. Mr. did get one of my when I was full of energy and the evening was young.

The kids had a blast trick or treating, it's so fun having 2 kids walking and talking saying trick or treating. I was a little sad I couldn't take them up to the door, but what can ya do?

Of course we had to get a group shot, so much fun, meeting and going trick or treating with new people.

After we got back we let the kids basically do what they want and eat as much candy as want, Halloween only happens once a year and it was on Saturday too! Perfection.

This girl striped down as soon as we got home and ate all the candy she wanted.

PJ pick, minus some of the kids not having their PJ's on...

It was a great night and thankfully the kids went to bed late and slept in till 8:30am!
Baby Fox woke up with a 101 temp, not good, so it was pretty much a PJ day for us. My cousin was in the New York Marathon and did great! So cool that we could track his progress while he was running. So proud of him.
This girl wanted some snuggles this morning.

Who doesn't like snuggling a giant snake on the kitchen floor.

She did this completely on her own, so cute.

Mr. took her to the grocery store, and they played balloon bags.

We watched an abnormal amount of TV today, they were loving Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

And now I have some exciting news, just in time for Christmas shopping...did I just say that?

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