Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorites # 76

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Yay for long weekends, this is my off Friday, and then we have Monday off and I decided to take Tuesday off, because we won't be get getting home till late on Monday night and no way I am waking up at 4:30am to go to work! why not take the day off? So 5 days off, here I come! :)

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

Thursday: June in Numbers

We are all about the swim lessons over here, trying to get Mini Fox pool safe and Baby Fox is learning all of the strokes. I'm so proud of both of them and how much they have accomplished!

This deserves a post of it's own...So that wedding we went to on Saturday. It was for a policeman, so naturally there were all of his policeman buddies, so what did they do? They created a donut bar. Seriously, how awesome is this? His sister made the donut holders and they even went donut shopping for the best donuts around town. I was so full from dinner that I couldn't eat another bite, BUT...we took some home for the kids. I almost stole them from the kids they were that good.  I wish I had taken more, darn!

Other wedding photos. I just thought this was the cutest shot of the flower girl looking at the bride and all of the bridesmaids, so darn cute!

Just as the bride and groom were walking down the isle, these geese flew over head in a way that it seemed like it was planned. Most likely they were just scared when we all started to clap and cheer, but it was perfect.

How gorgeous is the isle?

They are just the sweetest couple and I hope they have many, many years of happiness together!

Some other randoms from the week:

We went to visit my cousin and her baby and here he is Mr. the baby hog...he snatched up the chance to hold a sleeping baby. He told me...if she's still sleeping when we need to go to the party, I will take Uber there, I am not giving her up...hehe. Luckily she woke up just as we needed to leave.

Just cause...those eyelashes...

Oh yea and I got her for 2 seconds before we left...I forget how tiny they are!

I tried to do this to my hair for Sunday, but turns out it's SUPER hard to do on yourself, so I convinced my little cousin...actually I didn't have to convince her at all, I just said hey want me to do something cool to your hair? She practically jumped in my lap. So cool right? Wish it had worked out on my hair, instead it ended up in a ponytail and I come down stairs and Mr. took you 30 minutes to put your hair in a ponytail,  haha.

With Mini Fox having swim lessons Monday-Friday it leaves little time to workout after work. But Mr. was able to come on this day so I got a few squats, lunges and burpees in while we were waiting for her turn. Girls gotta, do what a girls gotta do right? Wednesday I actually got to go to the gym while Mr. took the kids to swim class, was so happy to workout.

And what is quickly becoming our Tuesday tradition, Mr. has been gone the last two Tuesdays, and we have to drive past In and Out to get home...We sent this picture to Mr. to show him what he was missing.

I just love Mini Fox holding up her hamburger in back there

As always some Videos that I've been enjoying this week.

Just get prepared for the next 2 months for me to be obsessed over the Olympics. This routine, so perfect, we are going to kill it at the Olympics, Go TEAM USA!

This girl, wow. She gives me chills.

This is pretty cool too, I'm thinking, how many takes did they have to do to get those clapping hands right, remember doing that as a kid? How did you really go for...maybe 30 seconds before messing up? They went for 4 minutes!

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