Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Show and Tell: About Your Home

Hello Foxy Friends! I realize that I have a few new followers so I thought I would follow Andrea's prompt and give you a small tour of my home. I've done a lot of these posts showing you what we've done, but here's a quick recap.

This is what our house looked like when we bought it...crazy right? It was a short sale and we got lucky! Here is my advise on buying a short sale, or just buying a house in general and here is my advise on what to do AFTER you buy a house! So here is the house we bought in all of it's glory.

First order of business was to paint the outside and get the jungle they called a back yard in order.

Much better....

Next up was the backyard, there was so much stuff back there that they had three full truck loads of trimmings...crazy right? Click here for the full details.

Ahhh, much better!

But then we lived there for a couple of years and decided that we wanted to renovate the backyard. The pool plaster was falling apart, it was a mess. Click here for the full renovation pictures.


In case you're wondering we decided to fence in the sliding glass door instead of surrounding the pool.
Next we had to paint every single wall, baseboard and door frame in the house. We got a quote to have it done and nearly choked, so we set out to do it ourselves....so if you need any tips on painting, I'm your gal. I have perfected the art of cutting into a wall and ceiling and covering up nail holes in baseboards. So much so that when our window guy came to do a final inspection, he asked who did the painting because it was so good. My advice, use REALLY good paint. It's like when you're painting your nails, if you use the cheap stuff it clumps and clots and doesn't flow, but the nicer stuff tends to hide your mistakes a bit more...same goes with wall paint.

From one one spot in our house we could see, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Orange and Green...yep those were wall colors.

From the same spot if you turned to the right you would see this:

Yep lots of coloring happening here. It took a bazillion gallons of primer and paint, let's just say we ended up having to paint every single wall 4 times, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

So we started painting and painting. Knowing we needed new carpet upstairs meant that we couldn't do that until all that painting was done, and we needed new stairs and couldn't get the carpet until that was done as well...so down the rabbit hole we fell.

But here I am standing in that same spot taking a picture of the new stairs...such a huge difference right? Click here for all of the remodeling pictures of the stairs.

Our master bedroom was light purple and dark purple...I wish I was kidding.

But in the end it turned out great, click here for that transformation. Real life, we have a slide and a small house in our bedroom...can't wait for the kids to outgrow it so we can get our bedroom back!

And then came the master bathroom, what a mess it was! Wall paper that wouldn't come off and a bathtub that wasn't deep enough to go to my waist while sitting. 

Attempting to take down the wallpaper, that small amount probably took us a good 10 hours.

The clawfoot tub is my favorite, those cheapo drapes not so much, but one project at at time, and since it works, why fix it before fixing other things right? Click here for the master bathroom renovation. And if you want to take a peak inside my closet, click here.


And then the kids rooms. Click here for more pictures of Baby Fox's room.
And of course Mini Fox's room

Then there is Mr.'s room that he wanted to have a really big TV in...and of course he's wanting it to be bigger...we finally got cable the day before the Super Bowl, exciting times. Click here for that renovation.

I attempted to hide the stuff that was on top of the table below the table, but I clearly failed, since you can still see all the kids toys down there, opps! We do try to keep this space mostly kid free.

That's Mr.'s office area back there, did I tell you guys he writes music? That's his "studio" back there, he has all the equipment that he needs to write the songs, record and edit back there.

The last room is the guest room, which we lived in for the first 5 months we lived here while we painted everything. Mostly it holds all of my scrapbooking supplies and a bed. Appraently I have no pictures of that room...woops. I do have some before pictures though, so click here. A full post for another day...perhaps it will make me clean out said scrapbooking closet.
And apparently I have no pictures of the kitchen/family room. Why I have no idea. Well in this pictures I'm standing in the kitchen looking into the family room/toy room/a tornado hit it.
And that's it for this house tour! I'd love to see your houses too! I definitely need some help in the decorating department...we spent so much time take the holes out of the walls that it is hard to put them back and do it right, it's only been 7 years and I still don't have anything on the walls...one day that will change, one day.
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