Monday, July 4, 2016

Show and Tell: Your Tribe

Linking up with Andrea for a little Show and Tell, this time we're talking about our Tribe, and how we met them.

But first for those Americans Happy 4th of July! I hope you are all safe and enjoying family and friends.

I guess we'll start off with Mr.

First off, let's start by saying that he indulges in the copious amounts of selfies that I take. I mean every 5 seconds we stop to take a picture, and he only mildly rolls his eyes at me...haha, just kidding he's a hard roll. No really, he's super supportive of the blog and everything that I do. Last week we were just talking about blogging and how much I love that I'm documented the kids lives, etc, etc...and then said but who knows, I might not be doing it in a few years, and he looks at me and says, why wouldn't you? You love this. Yep that's right, I really do.

He's the best father and husband a woman could ask for.

Baby Fox

My oldest, who made me a Mama first. Coming a bit early on Christmas morning, shocking us all, but I wouldn't want it any other way. He's the sweetest most caring, loving person I know. Makes this Mama proud when his friends parents come up to me to say, I love when "So and So" play with Baby Fox, he plays so well, and makes them a little less crazy. He loves his sister something fierce and I have no doubt he would walk through fire for her.

Mini Fox

Her personality is just like her birth, fast and does she wants when she wants! Even though she can be stubborn at times (she gets that from me...although I always tell Mr. it's from him), she is the sweetest thing. She loves her brother, who she calls Coco, and would do anything for him. Seriously, when Mr. and Baby Fox are play wrestling/fighting, you'll see Mini Fox storming with a sword yelling "Get of my Broder (brother)" and she wacks Mr. with the sword. She has no fear and will try anything.


My brother who is just 9 months younger than me. We grew up in the same circle of friends and didn't do anything without each other. When we went off to different colleges, he supported me and came to visit often (helped that his best friend was at the same school). I don't think he could love these two kids any more than he does. He the uncle the runs around with them for hours and keeps up with them, they love it.

This lady on the left, my sister is the BEST sister and Aunt anyone could ask for. She is always the life of the party, can make anything that is dull and boring seem like the BEST idea ever. She's such a harder worker, and a good example to my kids of hard work and dedication. She loves the kids like her own and entertains them like no one else can. I am thankful for everyday she's in it.

While I'm at it, let's talk about my Mom (middle lady, duh). She really did choose me as her kid (story for a different day), and loves her family with all her heart. I am so happy that her and my Dad moved just down the street to be near us...let's face it because of the kids. I love that she and my dad are cultivating a relationship with them.  They take them on one-on-one outings a couple times a month and they get to see them almost on the daily.  My mom supports me in all I do, and has always supported me. I am lucky that she chose me to be her kid, every single day.

My Dad, what is there to say, he always goes above and beyond to help out the kids and us. When Mr. is away he sleeps over so I can go to work at 5am. It warms my heart to see the kids to go either one of my parents when they are hurt, unless it's a really bad one, then it's me, but for the minor stuff, they go running to my parents. Ampa (Baby Fox couldn't say Grandpa, so it came out as Ampa), He always comes up with fun outings for the kids when they do get one-on-one time, liking going to the bird store to listen to the birds sing, or going to some random zoo he found out about in the middle of no where. He is always on the look out for fun things for the kids to do.

This was at Easter Mass, and Mini Fox just wanted Amap to hold her, so stinkin sweet.


Since this picture we've had 5.5 (one is due in November) more cousins join us. But I love my cousins, I am so lucky that all of them are still living in the Southern California, when we can we get together. We try to get together a few times a year. We all grew up like siblings and we hope that we can carry on the tradition with our children. I couldn't ask for a better family and cousin support system.


These ladies are the people I met when I was a new mom with Baby Fox and I need a friend. I had just moved to a place I didn't really know anyone and they were my first Mommy friends. They just get me, we get each other and are each other's support system. I am so happy that our kids get along so well, and I see many, many vacations together in our future.

Theses ladies, I met a little later. Actually the lady next to me, in the back, I met at Nordstrom and she's the one that introduced me to everyone else. We are a tribe that support each other and we go on MNO (just had one last week) and can complain to each other about everything. I love these ladies and am so happy that they are in my life. Plus all of our kids get along really well, which is always a bonus. I don't know what I would do without them!

Blogging Friends

We started out with a love for shopping, and it's become so much more then that. Not everyone is in this picture, but let's just pretend. Each one of them is so supportive and encouraging when you need it, and even when you don't need it. They are so thoughtful and I love that while we met through the blogging world even if we didn't blog I know that I could still call them friend. I can't wait for next year when we get to meet up again! We talk about it on the daily and I love our little blog that we started together, The Blended Blog.

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