Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites #100

Happy Friday Friends! What how have I been doing this for 100 weeks?! Crazy...well actually more then that becasue I've missed a few Friday's here and there. But happy 100! I have today off, woo hoo! I get to take Mini Fox to her second ballet class, get her ready and all that. Last week Mr. got to take her, don't worry someone else got her ready, lol. Can you imagine Mr. trying to do a bun in Mini's hair? LOL. He can barely put a barrette in.  On to Friday Favorites!

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My little ballerina. I've been waiting for this day for FOREVER, I never did this as a kid, but am so happy that Mini Fox loves it so much. I could just die she's so cute.

In case you wanted to know...this is the BEST white wine. So good available at Costco, I went to two different ones and they were available at both of them.  It was the only one that was almost gone in the wine isles, so must be good right? Actually Mr. already knew it was good and sent me to Costco to get more of it. For the price point, excellent.

Some other random happenings:

I took Tuesday off, and went on some errands with Mini Fox while Baby Fox was in school. She wanted to carry know the Hawaiian rolls and the donut. Yep that's all we got, we have priorities over here.

Then took the kids and my parents to lunch, it was great!

Tuesday night I went to my favorite Amp Cycle Class, I was feeling super lazy, but since I ate a plate full of Mexian food I felt like I should really go, at least to try and counter some of the calories.

It's actually raining here, so of course the rain jacket and boots come out right?

I think she's watched me take outfit photos one too many times, haha!


So I was trying not to spend money, but that just doesn't work...We're going to Utah next month and of course I need a pair of warm boots right? I don't have any and I can't justify the price of Uggs, just I got these from Target, super cheap, warm and affordable. The other stuff is from Loft and I just put the order in yesterday, but they are having a 60% off of clearance and 40% off of everything else, it's like they are trying to give it to me right? And then of course I had to get to free way I'm paying $8.95, hehe, #girllogic.

Things I Just Bought

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That's all I have for today, make any good purchases lately that I have to know about? hehe...let me know in the comments below!

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