Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sentence A Day: December Edition

1 - Mini Fox is just the cutest thing ever.

2 - So many errands, will they ever end?

3 - Thanksgiving part 2...uncooked turkey, oops!

4 - Of course church goes 20 minutes over when we have somewhere to be 20 minutes ago, but at least I got to see the Bishop, that was worth it.

5 - Holy crap, this 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio is No JOKE!

6 - Sore from yesterday and now I just did Amp Cycle, what was I thinking...push-ups while cycling...I am not that coordinated.

7 - MNO...yes, I needed one of these.

8 - The pizza is bigger than her face!

9 - Christmas light looking, hoping this is a yearly tradition

10 - Legoland! Woo hoo.

11 - So much to do...when to get it all done!

12 - I guess I'll do a 21 day fixed video, even though I don't want to

13 - Amped Cycle is intense...

14 - Man my hair appointment got cancelled

15 - First time working in Baby Fox's classroom, I surprised him and he LOVED it.

16 - Please let there be no traffic, please let there be no traffic

17 - Cousin Christmas Party!

18 - Lazy day, just what we needed.

19 - Just keep wrapping, wrapping, wrapping...

20 - Last day in the office, woo hoo!

21 - MNO, yes!

22 - Holy Crap that was one long car ride, 4 hours to Santa Barbara is not normal, at least we got to see family, worth it.

23 - Cause why not, let's got to Discovery Cube when the house is a mess and needs to be prepped for Christmas Dinner.

24 - Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve!

25 - How do I have a 6 year old, where did the time go?!

26 - Lazy day, much needed.

27 - LEGOLAND was insane, note to self, never go during breaks.

28 - Chill, underwhelming experience

29 - Day date with Mr., much needed.

30 - There's a barber shop quartet singing in the Costco Food Court, so awesome!

31 - Happy New Year!

Have you been doing sentence a day? You can still catch up for next month, it's only January 5th! Get to it and start recording your moments one sentence at a time.

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