Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites #101

Happy Friday! Man it was my first full week of work in about 2 months, wow was it a long week! Tuesday I had plans on going to the gym, but instead I stayed home, blogged and at a whole kit kat...oops! Wednesday I got back on the horse and back at day of falling off the horse doesn't mean the rest of the week should go with it right? Onto Friday Favorites:

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: 3 Tips to Starting A Budget
Tuesday: I intentionally did my hair for a year, here are the things I learned and my favorite products
Wednesday: I give layer shirts a try

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I'm joining Desiree, Stefanie, Justine and Whitney for their new link up called A Year Of Color. Each month they want us to showcase the color of the month, however you want to represent that.

This month the color is white. I thought this was perfect because of my new white watch! I have been looking for a white watch for years now, and I finally found one!

We had the BEST weekend full of friends! Going into the weekend we had no plans, I love the weekends that you have no plans and then it becomes full of plans with good friends, laughs and of course food! 

Friday  a friend came over for a playdate, and then we ate In and Out for lunch, always a good day when that happens. 

This week is Baby Fox's turn to be start student in his class, so we started working on his poster when he got home from school.

Then some other friends asked if we wanted to meet up for dinner at Chick-Fil-A, let the kids run around while we sat and chatted, it was awesome. I went to the gym before hand and forgot my regular shoes, so I had to wear my work out shoes, oops! At least it looked semi okay since I was wearing leggings and a tunic.

I forgot to take pictures at dinner, oh well. Then Saturday we decided to meet up for bowling and dinner, so much fun. It was our first time taking the kids bowling and they loved it!

Getting 6 kids to all look in the same direction, proved to be difficult.

Group shot

 Then we headed back to our friends for some pizza, yum!

Over the last week or so Mr. and I found two shows that we really liked. One of them was 3%. It is subtitled which took me a couple of episodes to get used to, but once you get use to it, it's great. It's really good and an interesting concept. Anyone else seen it?

The other show is called The OA, we loved the first episode and can't wait to see the rest of the season.

The Blended Blog is starting a new link up on Fridays. We decided there are 15 of us, and between us we probably read hundreds of blogs a week, so we're going to show case stuff we read/see around the interweb. Share your favorites from around the web and link up with us! That being said here are a few favorites from around the web.

The blended blog had a link up on Monday all about budgeting, I just love Shelly's post about how she budgets with her family.

Elizabeth from Chasin Mason, holy cow, this post just got me. I mean every single sentence I'm just nodding my head, I could have written the same exact post. From now I am going to Do Less More Often. Go read her post to find out what that means, I really think you'll have to agree too!

Man, Carly's Post about how Mom Guilt is Total Bull$hit, was an awesome take from a Kindergarten teacher. She just really put the whole mom guilt we mostly do to ourselves in perspective. Yes I love my child, yes I only want the best, and give them the best care that I can, and you know what? That's what they're going to remember.

Go give these ladies some love, they deserve it. Happy weekend! If you're getting hit by the rain, doing wash away!

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