Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Years Resolution

I know this is a little late in coming, but I figure since Shay and Erica's Workin' It Wednesday topic was New Years Goals I would wait and share them closer to their link up.

Notice how I didn't say resolutions, plural. I never do resolutions, I always felt like it was setting yourself up for disappointment/failure. Optimistic of me right? So I'm setting somewhat of a goal. Actually I've been doing this for several years now. Back in 2012 I decided it was the year I was going to start wearing jewelry, I didn't own any, do you believe that? So I worked on getting my jewelry game on, just adding a little something to my wardrobe. Let's just skip over 2013 because I was mostly pregnant and had a newborn.

In 2014 I was ready to get me back. I had two kids and was feeling all kinds of frumpy. I had told Mr. that I was going to get a new wardrobe after Mini Fox. Enter Alison and her all kinds of awesome Style Challenges (affiliate link). I decided to join her very first challenge in April 2014, and you guys it seriously changed my life. I had no idea leopard was a neutral, that you could wear black with brown and by wearing actual outfits could make me feel like a real person again.

My very first Alison outfit. Notice no make up, I didn't really even own any to tell you the truth. And the lighting, why didn't I try to lighten up this dark picture? Yikes.

Then 2015 was all about learning about make-up, I had never known how to do mine. I never wore it, period. I watched a million YouTube channels on how to do Asian make up. You have no idea how much I YouTube I watched. Hey same location, lighter pictures and I'm wearing a little make up, at least I don't look dead.

Then came 2016 and I decided I wanted to learn everything about hair, so I challenged myself to intentionally do my hair, instead of always throwing it up into a ponytail. One of my first hair styles I tried out before work no less! An acccomplishment, and I found out I really love doing hair, excpet that pesky messy bun, for the life of me I STILL cannot figure it out!

Finally onto my 2017 resolution, I know took me long enough right? Like you wanted to know my life history, ah, well, you got it anyway. I decided I want to get organized. My house is a mess! I mean it looks picked up, but don't open any closets or cabinets, cause yikes!  The toys are out of control, so this year is my year to get my house organized! I know it will be a lot of work, take a look at my house as I'm writing this post...I have to tell myself, it gets way, way worse before it will get better, right? Come back Monday January 23rd, for The Blended Blog, House Organization Link up to see how I'm doing so far.

Hint: This is how much stuff we donated from mostly my son's closet! Seriously I have issues. And this doesn't include that bags and bags of trash we threw out either. Feeling lighter and cleaner already! Now just a bajillion more rooms to go, or at least that's how it feels. Actually everything on the table came out of my crafting closet, trying to figure out how to organize it.

P.S. Yes if you look closely that is my son's mobile that I had on his crib from 6 years ago! I just couldn't let it go...but it was about time!

So what is your new years resolution, goal, word of the year? I'm really hoping that by summer I'll have everything in order, I can do that right? Just one room at a time?

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