Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites #102

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! It's Friday woo hoo. Although I have a dentist appointment and a doctor appointment, when it rains it pours. That's what I get for making my dentist appointment 6 months prior, and not writing it down. Thank goodness for the reminders. Onto my favorites:

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I'm over at The Blended Blog today, sharing some Friday Loves. What is Friday Loves? We figured that since we have 15 of us and between all of us, we probably read hundreds of blogs that we should start showcasing the posts that we love for the week. So each of us is taking a week and showcasing our favorites from the week. It's a link up so go link up your Friday Loves too! It can be blog posts, or just something you've loved that week, maybe you can be showcased the following week!

Last weekend was a pretty great weekend. Friday we ditched the kids and went to Korean BBQ with another couple. It was so nice to not have to chase kids around for the 1.5 hour wait, we got to chat and have real adult conversation.

When we got Mini Fox back from my parents, she had curlers in her hair. She loves when her hair is curly. This girl is all Sass.

Then Saturday was a busy day, I hit up my eyebrow lady in the morning, and then when we got back we hit up the most fantastic birthday party. Remember when I talked about the charity Thomas House? Well our good friends are on the board and decided to hold their girl's birthday parties at Thomas House so that everyone there could celebrate with them. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast! They had face painting.

They had a Puppy Farm...actually I don't know what it's called, but this lady raises puppies so and they also rent them out so that they can play and be around kids, it's the cutest thing EVER. Mini Fox was in heaven!

Meanwhile, Baby Fox was in a different kind of heaven, called Video Gaming Truck heaven. Baby Fox barely made it past the front gate.

It was so much fun to celebrate with friends, they are so generous.
Saturday night we headed to my aunts house for dinner. Yum, I always forget to take a picture of the most amazing spaghetti ever. We always request it when we go there, she says, you know I can make more than spaghetti...haha.  Everything always ends in their living room, with a dance party performance by this girl.

And then we started playing Monkey in the middle, Kudos to my uncle who is in his late 60's getting down to play with the kids.

Then it was time to take off the face paint and Baby Fox wanted to take off Mini Fox's and it might have been the cutest thing ever. Taking his job very seriously.

Sunday it rained ALL day, literally, it was down pouring for 8 straight hours, it was crazy, usually it is on and off pouring raining, but this was constant all day. Which gave us some time to clean the house and get stuff done without having to worry that the kids aren't outside playing. Baby Fox's Lego set got all mixed up and he couldn't finish it because the packages got mixed together, so I separated it for him. Yep I went through each direction and pulled out the pieces that he would need...and then he finished it in an hour.

The finished product:
Lately it's been super cold out, this is what the temp has been when I leave for work...brrr....Wow this picture makes my dashboard look super not dusty...but it totally is.

Can we just say #goals? She really maximizes here do you think the kids would be okay with me turning their rooms into this when the move out? When can they move out?

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off to a girls weekend with the bestie, so excited to get away!
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