Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blush Pants And A Boat Shirt

Hello Foxy Friends. I think that this week is going to be a long one, and I'm only working 3 days this week. Today is another week of The Blended Blog fashion link up. Thank you for continuing to link up with us and make this link up a success. I'm also linking up with with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer for a little What's Up Wednesday. 

What I'm wearing:

Last week I showed you a new hair tutorial how to do this style. But I never showed you the whole outfit. This is my new favorite outfit. I bought everything while I was in Canada and for the life of me can't remember the name. Reitmans maybe? Canadian friends who were with me, help me out. I had been looking for a pair of blush jeans for forever, and finally found them! I just have to get them hemmed a little and I'm all set to go.


If you want to know how I did this hair style, see this easy tutorial here.

What we're eating this week:

A lot of party leftovers...Mr. is over it, I'm not quite there yet. I sort of like left overs, don't have to think about meal time and you just grab and go.

What I'm reminiscing about:

I saw this picture on FB, and it is just too cute...they were so small!

While we are in June 2015 folder...

Now Mini Fox has inherited these same goggles.

What I'm loving:

Summer time means pool time and bbq's with family and friends.

What we've been up to:

Baby Fox had his birthday party over the weekend, we were knee deep in all things Minion. Don't worry I tried to record as much as I could of things that I DIY'd. Coming as soon as I can get my act together.

What I'm dreading:

The heat that is approaching...NOOOOO!!!!

What I'm working on:

Now that Baby Fox's birthday party is out of the way, onto planning Mini Fox's party. She says she wants a Frozen party...we'll see, but for now, that's what the plan is.

What I'm excited about:

All of our summer plans. I think the days are going to pass quickly and before we know it school is going to be starting again.

What I'm watching/reading:

Okay so I started reading Before I Fall, and have yet to finish it. I really need to do what Shaunacey and Nicole did and just listen to it on my phone while I'm doing other things.

Mr. and I have been watching Travelers on Netflix. We really liked it, and can't wait for next season to start.

We also just finished the first season of Handmaids Tale, wow, what a good series. I heard that the book was equally good too. I can't wait for next season, but I think we're going to have to wait until summer of 2018.

We also just picked up Arrow, we've watched the first few episodes, I really like, Mr. thinks that it's just okay, but we're going to keep watching. We have 5 seasons to get through.

What I'm listening to:

Unfortunately just what's on the radio, so top 40.

What I'm doing this weekend:

We are having friends over to go swimming, provided it's not cold, meaning 70°, too cold to swim in that temp for us Southern California people. Maybe we'll go bowling instead and then come back and BBQ at our house afterwards. We'll see. Sunday is a much needed rest day, oh and I'm getting my hair cut, yay!

What I'm looking forward to next month: 

We have a trip to Sequoia planned with my brother and sister-in-law, really excited about that.

Bonus Question: What's your favorite July 4th Tradition

Every year we go to my cousin's on July 3rd to decorate our bikes/scooters and then on the 4th there is a bike parade in her community. Then we go to my aunt and uncles house for swimming and Taco man (at least he last few years) and then head over to the fireworks. I talk about our 4th of July traditions here.

Waiting for fireworks.

Now link up your fashion posts below and show us what you've been wearing!

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