Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keeping Kids Busy All Summer

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erica for Workin' It Wednesday, today's topic is how to keep the kids entertained all Summer. I don't have to think of as many things because I work full time, so I really only have to take care of the weekends, like I do the rest of the year. That being said we have signed up Baby Fox for few classes.

When we were signing him up it didn't seem like that much, but putting it down on paper makes it seem like a lot. Oh well, he approved and picked all of the classes out, so I know he's going to love all of it, I hope.

First up is something called Build a Fort, we've basically watched them do this camp for the past 5 years, and this is the first year that Baby Fox is old enough to participate. He is so stinkin' excited. It's exactly what you think it is, you build forts in a park. Yep you read that right, they build forts, how cool is that? They teach the kids money management, and letting the kids chose if they want to build with new nails, old ones, new boards, old boards. They have to get their fort inspected by a real city inspector. I think it's going to be a blast. The spots fill up super fast, so you better believe I had Mr. down there the day of trying to sign him up, sign ups are only in person. He showed up 10 minutes early and there were already a few people in line. That was on a Tuesday, when I went to take Mini Fox to ballet on Friday there was a sign on the door saying it was already full.

Yep that's what they look like, you can see those two on the left are connected, it's crazy. And they are surprisingly sturdy, they used to keep the ladders out all the time, but last year they changed that and they put away the ladders. Of course I'm sure the 1st grade kids don't do this, so we'll see how much they do, I'll keep you posted.

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We also signed him up for two other classes through the community college, one is a Chemistry Lab and the other is a Lego Robotics class. Yep I think we have a fellow nerd here. At first we were going to sign him up for the Chem lab the Monday after school got out, so I told him: Buddy the chem lab is going to start for two weeks the Monday after you get out of school. You sure that's okay, and he yells, yep! Sounds like fun! This kid takes after my heart and his love for learning.

We tried to find a VBS to send him to, but all of the ones around us happen to be at the same as one of those three classes takes place. So that might be it for Baby Fox.

Poor Mini Fox is still a little too little to go off on her own, so I guess she's not doing anything other than waiting for Baby Fox to get home.

We also plan on doing lots of this...

Now that Baby Fox learned how to rid his bike this weekend, yep that's right he is already standing and peddling, I can't even do that!  We're so proud of him, he learned so freakin fast. Then the second time we took him out he learned how to start by himself and turn in a matter of minutes. Apparently he was ready to ride a bike, that and he really wants Heelys, and we told him the only way he was going to get them was if he learned how to ride a bike. Motivation works wonders I'm telling ya.

Then of course lots of this. It's going to start getting hot here, and I'm sure we'll be in it everyday we're not at the gym after work. Plus hanging with friends, because what's summer without a lot of friend time?

I'm also going to buy Baby Fox a few workbooks to work through. So he doesn't forget everything he learned this past year. When I asked him about doing a workbook, his answer? Yeah! I love it. I'm thinking of getting this and then a few of the workbooks from the Star Wars Series:  Math, Writing, and Writing...what kid wouldn't want to do Star Wars workbooks?

That's all I got so far, what are you doing to keep your kids busy this summer?


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