Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites #120

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I hope you all had a good week. Mine seemed long, but it's okay, it's the weekend and we have lots of fun things planned.

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 Sitting in impossibly long traffic. Once we got off of the freeway it took another 20 minutes before we got to the parking lot, then we had to walk up to the Hollywood bowl, and then wait in a line to go through security, another 20, but we did finally get there!

I had to document the BEST parking spot ever. Because the Hollywood Bowl has so many people, and not a lot of space they do stack parking in every parking lot. It NEVER works out that I'm the first car, and the exit was just to the left, where the cars are parking perpendicular to that first row, score!

I've known this girl since Kindergarten. Crazy to think that some of the kids Baby Fox is meeting right now might still be friends 31 years later.

The two girls on the outsides, I've known since 7th grade. So happy we are still getting together and having fun.

 We missed most of Boyz II Men, but we caught all of Paula Abdul...yep can still sing to all of her songs.

The whole reason we went to the show....


They did not disappoint, and we sung and screamed like kids again to all of the classics. Driving 4 hours to get there to spend some time with the girls, totally worth it.

In other life happenings.

Saturday was a busy day, we spent the morning at the gym, and then headed to the Little League field to do the closing ceremonies only to find out that they did it sooner than the schedule said, but they still had the bounce houses out and they couldn't wait to go running to play on it. That took up  good 2 hour chunk.

Afterwards we went to a birthday party for a good friend and this was the cake. How awesome is that? Mini Fox asked if that was a real soccer ball in there, it wasn't, but it sure did look like it!

That popcorn right there, so good, I have no idea where it came from but I might have brought home two of the caramel corns to eat later.

I got to snuggle this girl lots. While her parents did party things/rounding up kids, Mr. and I switched off holding her. She's the cutest.

The party was an indoor soccer place, the kids had a blast!

They even rented out the field next to the older kids for the younger kids to play on..Mini Fox all ready to play soccer, but there wasn't too much soccer happening, mostly a lot of cone playing and building.

Party room, we could barely pri the kids away from the field to do dinner and cake.

This kid didn't have fun at all, can you.

Sunday Mr. had to work all day, so I took the kids to Legoland with a friend.

We just turned this girl around on Saturday after we got back from the party. She is super stoked to be facing forward, only took us 3 years and 9 months. It's so weird being able to see her cute little face, but man she asks a lot of questions now that she can see everything, and not just the back of the seat.

Turns out it was Star Wars Days and all of the characters were walking around all day. It was super fun for the kids and they had a lot of activities to do that they don't normally have. Bahahah, I just noticed Baby Fox is playing with the gum in his mouth, crazy kid.

We just finished a Family Lego building contest...didn't win, but they did take pictures of the kids to potentially use for promotional stuff for next year's Star Wars Days, I'll let you know if I see anything.

The best thing about being a parent is that when you want ice cream you call it a treat for the kids, you get awesome mom credit at the same time you get ice cream that you really wanted. This is the first time we've gotten this ice cream and man it was good! They swirl in syrup on the outer edge of the ice cream swirl, holy cow it was good and we will be getting this every time we go.

Tuesday Baby Fox had an awards ceremony, he got the Principal of Respect award, such a sweet boy.

The kids weren't allowed to move from their chairs, so Mr. and I got down on the floor so we could get a picture with him.

Wednesday we headed to the gym and girl says, Mama take a picture because you can finally SEE me and I don't have to raise my arms so people know I'm in the car, lol.

Yesterday was the start of swim lessons. They are too cute. Both of them did great. Considering it's Mini Fox's first real lesson that isn't survive the pool lessons, she did great!

Linking up as usually with The Blended Blog for a little blog love from around the web.

I loved Cara's post on Monday that put into words what so many of us Mother's are thinking. We are excited for our kids to grow up to become independent adults, but on the same  hand we want to remember every single little thing that happens. Go read her post and just soak it all in.

Loved this wreath that XX made from 99 cent hair ties, what? So have time to make one, now go make one!

I randomly came upon this YouTube video..perhaps this should be in #5 below, but it's sharing someone else's content, so I figure it belongs here. Anyway, Brianna put together this AWESOME video on how to do your eye make up. I even learned  thing or two, like putting down a shadow base the same color as your skin after your primer so that the other colors will blend. If you are wanting to learn to do  your eye make up better, watch this! She even breaks down the colors and brushes and shows you comparisons which most youtubers don't do.


Now for some videos around the internet world I've been loving. This girl, wow. She's deaf and singing...she's amazing, go watch her story.

For a smile for your Friday.

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