Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Photo Tips

Hey Foxy Friends. Today we're back with some more Summer fun. This time we're talking about Summer photo tips. If you're hopping over from Nicole's blog, welcome. I'm going to leave all of the professional tips to Nicole. My tip is going to be short and sweet. One of my pet peeves of the iPhone or phone pictures is when people have fuzzy pictures like this. Is this how some of your pictures turn out?

All you have to do to fix this problem, clean the lens. I took a picture of me and my mom and it was clear and all I had to do to get this blurry picture is touch my phone to my face with the make up and it made it that fuzzy picture. Wipe off the camera when you see this and you'll get this picture.

So next time you have a fuzzy picture, think of this, whip off the lens and snap your beautifully crisp photo.

Now go hop on over the Shelly's blog to see what photo tips she has for you.

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