Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kitchen Remodel

Hello Foxy Friends! I did a video collab last week with a few other Youtubers where we all showed you our kitchens. I decided, since we got our kitchen remodeled last year, I realized I never showed you the after, so I did a whole video on our kitchen remodel. But for those that don't have time to watch the video, here is our Kitchen Remodel through pictures.

Here is the before.

Why did we get our kitchen remodeled? Several reasons, but mostly the cabinets were 40 years old...they were starting to fall apart. So we had one drawer break completely, that we just lived with. See that missing drawer? Yep we lived with that for a year or so...Plsu the color they chose was an off creamy white which I have always hated.

Then the drawer next to it broke too, which was also a utensil drawer as well. Girl has got to have a working utensil drawer. THEN the kitchen faucet broke. The handle kept flying off, so you would go to turn the water on, and the handle would fly off and go flying across the counter...funny and shocking all at the same time.

And then we can't forget that the previous owners painted the cabinets and there were paint drips...and the hinges weren't put on correctly, so there were gaps in the cabinets (see cabinet to the far right)...and they weren't straight. You can't really tell based off of the angle...but trust me, it's bad.

We also had this wine fridge we wanted to get rid of and we decided to turn it into a trash drawer, since we were using a dog food container for the past 7 years, haha.

So how did they start? They took measurements, and took about 8 weeks to make the cabinets and drawers. Then they came and took off the doors and took out the drawers. They prepped everything. See the wall  in the back of the upper cabinets? They used to be dry wall, and that always bother Mr. so they put up a fake back wall to make it look like real cabinets. This was the prep.

The cabinet above the microwave and oven, also had this random divider up the middle, so it made is super hard to get anything in there.

When they painted the cabinets, they also brought the drawers to paint so everything would match with the same paint lot.

Here are the painted cabinets. Looks so good right?

And the finished kitchen. No more broken drawers.

Now the wine fridge is a drawer, which has been the BEST addition to the remodel.

So there you have it, our kitchen remodel. 

Oh and I did a video on the kitchen if you want to see/hear an explanation.

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