Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Reverse Bucket List

It's another Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea, this time the topic is reverse bucket list, when we share the things that were on a bucket list but are no longer on the list. Fun!

I think my first one would definitely be skydiving! I didn't know I wanted to sky dive until my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him, sure why not? You can see the Vlog I did that day here.

Twirling our way down.

Coming in for a landing

Back before kids, Mr. said that before we had kids we wanted to take a vacation to Italy, which we did. We went with another couple and had the time of our lives! We did so much, but still wanted to do more. I hope that one day we can get back there, but for now, so glad that we got to go on one last big trip before the kids came.

Throwing coins in Trevi Fountain.

I actually took this picture, looks like a post card right?!
Is it okay to write have kids? It was on my bucket list at one point in my life and now I have two beautiful children. So lucky to call these kids mine, they are one of the best things to happen to me. They keep me on my toes, test my patience and show what unconditional love feels like.

Riding horseback in Bora Bora on a private island tour (unfortunately they no longer do this).

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean, you don't even need to be certified, ask for a resort dive, you only go down 40-50 meters so if something happens, you could ultimately swim to the surface. We've done it a couple of times now, and every time has been fun.

So what are some of the reverse bucket list items you've done? Something that I need to add to mine?

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