Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites #136

Happy Friday! Wow this was a long week. You know it's going to be long when you wake up on Tuesday, thinkgin it

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

Monday: School Food
Tuesday: Reverse Bucket List
Wednsday: Polka Dotty Skirt
Thursday: Family Photo shoot Outfit Ideas

Last week I posted a video on my kitchen renovation.


Two weekends ago, my MIL and BIL were in town, so glad that they got to see one of Baby Fox's soccer games, he just looks so old in this picture! Where did my little baby go?


Cause everyone wears their Christmas dress to soccer games right? She refused to take a picture of the dress.

Waiting on Grandma, Uncle and Daddy to get home. Their favorite when we take two cars anywhere is to jump out of the car and then pretend we've been there for forever.

Sunday we hit up In and Out for dinner, cause that's what you do when BIL is in town and they don't have one where he lives. MIL had already gone home.

Celebrations. Two weekends ago, we had so much to celebrate. One cousin getting married.

And another cousin having a baby.

So much to be thankful for these days.

As always, somethings I'm loving from my blogging friends.

First up, The Blended Blog has a we ask you answer, super easy post and it's on Monday. So if you don't have a post for Monday planned, get on this! Here are the questions.

Also Beth and  Stephanie are doing a Mini IG challenge, you should join in!

As usual some videos I've been loving around the internet lately.

Love this couple, would you do this for a free tank of gas, heck ya! Although I am not nearly as good at singing, but free is free right?!

Just found her, love her voice and her take on this song, so pretty.

So I'm not the only one! So happy someone invented this, I love the feeling of something heavy when I sleep. Hence why I always have covers on even in the summer. I need this in my life.

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