Monday, September 25, 2017

TBB Talks: School Food

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today I'm back with The Blended Blog to talk about school lunches. First we'll start off with what I liked to get at school. If you are stopping by from Nicole's blog, hello! She does lunches good, man, I need to take notes from that one, and have a kid that will eat something!

When I was in elementary school I loved when I could buy the thing that looks like McDonalds McRib. Sort of looked like this, and it came with tator tots, super healthy.

I also loved buy when it was pizza day, those square pizza's and I especailly loved eating the corners because they were crunchy.

And then I loved when the dessert were these cute triangle Popsicles, I mean who doesn't love that?

After those three things I can't really remember anything in elementary school. Moving onto High School  (I don't remember ever buying in Junior High). I ate so horrible in high school. I ate a bean and cheese burrito, you know the ones that used to be frozen in the plastic wrap and a giant chocolate chip cookie and a soda at least 2 times a week, if not three. 
If I wasn't eating that, then I usually brought cold left over dinner. For whatever reason I didn't mind...actually it wasn't even cold, there wasn't such thing as a freezer pack for your lunch. You brought a brown paper sack, your lunch was in your locker getting to room temp so when it came time for eating left over dinner, it was room temp. My favorite was rice a roni and spaghetti...I know so strange right. I couldn't even fathom eating that now.

Baby he's a picky eater. So far we've been going between half of a sunflower seed butter and honey sandwich or rolled up turkey, some fruit (half an apple or a handful of grapes), and some baby carrots. Most days half of what I just said comes back. I wonder how he lives sometimes. But everyday I put in a note in his lunch. I was convinced he wasn't reading them, so one day I didn't put one in and he comes home that night and asks me where the note was today. So I guess he does read them.

Mini Fox and Mr. sometimes get in on the action too.

So what sort of things do you give your kids for lunch, I need ideas! Link up your school food posts below!

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