Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Yosemite Trip: Day 1 and 2

Happy Tuesday Foxy Friends! I thought today I would do a quick recap of our Yosemite trip. This was our first time driving this far with the kids and our first camping trip. It was so much fun! The first 2 hours we were there, Baby Fox runs up to me and says, this is the best trip ever, let's stay for a week. Both kids loved, loved, loved it and wanted to stay longer. I started to write this and realized I had a lot more pictures to share, so I'm breaking it up into two posts...you're welcome.

We left on Thursday, and drove to Fresno, that's about 5.5 hours away, we thought we would break up the trip on the way there, the way home was a different story. Anyway, we left right on time, it was a miracle, to start off the trips, woo hoo! And we fit everything into our Camry...well we had given our friends our tent and our chairs to a friend to take with them...so that helped a lot.

We made a stop after the Grape Vine at In and Out, where else would we stop? Our friends were a bit behind us, so it worked out we ate and then fooled around for 10ish minutes to wait for them to catch up.

They got there and we had to take a selfie with the group right?

Usually when we go on long rides we let the kids have the ipads after lunch, typically drive for a few hours, get a break, get the ipads for the rest of the way. Sweet silence.

We got there about 5 and decided to let the kids blow of steam in the pool, let me tell you that indoor pool area was so hot, we were dying, but the kids were having fun, so that's a bonus.

Then we got take out, ate outside and called it a night. We woke up casually, and went down for the free breakfast, packed up the car and were on our way again. Next stop...Yosemite, Upper Pines camping ground. We got there and set up the tents and Mini Fox cleaned the table with some leaves.

Tent set up and ready to go. That's a screened in area we kept our shoes, as to try and keep the dust and dirt out of the main tent area, worked great.

Unpacked, lunch eaten and finally off on an adventure. We decided to take the bus to Lower Yosemite Falls.

Waiting for the bus.

I have no idea why he's holding her like that, weirdos.

It was a short walk from the bus, and this is the view, so pretty. Although, not good enough the boys wanted to get closer, against the Mom's wishes, but I trudged along with them.

Much better view and this was as far as was safe for the kids to go, the rocks started to get wet after this.

Cutest picture ever.

When we were in Sequoia, we rode the bus with a family that said they were doing Dutch oven cooking...of course I wanted to try it, and while I got made fun of for making camping fancy...everyone loved the food in the end, and nothing was left over. First night we made this BBQ chicken and potatoes. Starting the fire to get the coals hot.

Anything with bacon in it is going to be good right?

While we did that, the kids ate some hotdogs.

And then some S'mores

Our dinner, you put coals on the top and bottom and let cook for an 45-60 minutes or so...we should have cooked it less, as we also had a fire going next to it...so I think it cooked it more then it should have...but it was delicious.

This picture does not do it justice, so dang good!

BBQ chicken and potatoes with some bacon thrown in, heck ya! They were heckling me at the beginning but after tasting it, they said, totally worth the trouble!

We put the kids to bed, did some s'mores ourselves, talked for a bit then hit the hay around 10:30pm. Next week I'll have part 2 of our camping trip, and we did another dutch oven recipe for night 2 that was even more awesome, come back to find out! I know, cliff hanger...haha.

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