Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Perfect Summer Dress

Hi Foxy Friends! It know I've fallen off the blogging wagon. Not sure what is going on, life I guess? I have all of these ideas, yet the weekends seem to fly by and naps seem really, really nice, so I've been taking those instead of blog pictures. So there's that. One day I'll jump back on the wagon, but for now, you'll get some outfit posts, I can put those together still.

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Let's talk about this dress for a second. A friend posted a picture of her in this jumpsuit, so immediately I went to find it. While I was on the website I started looking around and found this dress, and fell in love. I had Baby Fox's First Holy Communion (the next day), and the dress I bought, I decided I didn't want to wear for this occasion. I happened to be going to the mall to return things, so I tried it on and didn't even hesitate to buy it. I did also try on the jumpsuit and it didn't fit, for being so short, I have a long torso, which makes it hard to find jumpsuits that fit me.

Guess what? It has pockets! I know! Right?! Perfect dress.

Dress / Shoes / Earrings / Necklace (similar)

I love the peek-a-boo color on the longer back side too.

Sort of loving the curls in this picture. I used this curling wand.

This is me trying to be like IG famous...pretending I know what I'm doing? Not sure, but I'm showing you anyway.

I know you're dying to know my make up so here's everything I used.

Side note: just before I put my make up on, I smiled at something and split my lip...if you look closely you can see it just below my left front tooth.

Primer / Foundation Blemish Concealer / Concealer (cause one can never have too much) / Lashes  / Eyebrow Tint / Blush / Bronzer / Eyeshadow / Lip Pencil

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