Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sentence A Day: April Edition

1 - 2nd day of 3 day cleanse, I question my sanity every time I do this!

2 - Happy 14th anniversary to us, was celebrated with baseball practice and diner at Cheesecake Factory with the whole family, wouldn't have it any other way.

3 - Gymnastics followed by work out and Chick-Fil-a for the kids.

4 - Ordered First Holy Communion Invitations, not because I need to send them out, but because I want a keepsake.

5 - Surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyland, see the details here, we got on all the rides multiple times, best trip ever. (Would have been slightly better with Mr. there though). Recap here.

6 - Wine tasting at a friends house, so much fun getting together.

7 - Mr. is gone until late Friday night, Lord help me.

8 - Normal Monday, Karate, gym time and dinner.

9 - Finally took Mini Fox rock climbing at the gym, she's only been asking since September.

10 - Favorite workout in followed by Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

11 - Baby Fox baseball game, he had a really good game, with lots of great hits and catches, Mr. even got to watch via FaceTime.

12 - Baseball practice followed by dinner with friends, Mr. is on his way home, woo hoo!

13 - Loved taking Mini Fox to see her first theater performance of Cats, she loved it, but was slightly afraid of the Cats when we got up close.

14 -Yay, Palm Springs and cousin time here we come!

15 - First full day at the pool, success, many tired kids equals the perfect day.

16 - Happy Birthday to little cousin and my dad, wishing him a happy birthday on a camel was epic.

17 - Baby Fox lost his first tooth, so exciting, Tooth Fairy is coming to Palm Springs.

18 - Hanging out with the cousins one last time, and then off to see some more cousins before heading home.

19 - Gotta get the kids Easter stuff for their baskets, oops, last minute is okay too right?

20 - Saw Dumbo with the kids, me and the kids liked it, Mr. thought it was okay.

21 - Easter was fantastic with friends and family.

22 - Baby Fox lost another tooth!

23 - She makes mail piles, it's the cutest thing ever, and she even made notes for on top of the pile, just like her grandpa.

24 - Still sick, but went to RIPPED anyway, just took it easy.

25 - Breaking open Geodes and Girls Night Out, just what I needed.

26 - This bumper sticker sort of makes me want to tail them, I didn't.

27 - Really full day, Baby Fox received his first holy communion, he took the 2 hours test to get his blue belt and Mr. and I went to Baby Fox's school gala, such a fun and full day.

28 - Mr. left for the week, waaahhhh. I can do this!

29 - Glad I made so much food yesterday, don't have to think about it the rest of the week.

30 - Watched Infinity Wars, it was pretty good, now I'm ready for Endgame.

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