Thursday, May 2, 2019

What To Buy At Sephora For Beginners and What To Try

Hi Foxy Friends. The Sephora VIB sale, or if you are Rouge, then it's called the Rouge sale is happening now! If you need to stock up on anything then now is your time! If you are just starting out your beauty collection, then you still get a 10% off being an Insider. I've put together a list of my beauty staples that I will be getting more of, and then a list of things I want...but not sure if I want to spend the money. So let's get to shopping!

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These are the things that I buy over and over again. Okay so that's a small lie, I just got the lipstick and the lip pencil and love it so much, they truely are long lasting. I put them on and it's still there 5-6 hours later...depending on what I eat. But really I can eat and drink and it's still there. They're so awesome, my mom came and borrowed it for a trip she was taking because she didn't have time to pick one up herself. Speaking of which...that might be a good Mother's Day gift...

This dry shampoo, best EVER. I just got it and still have a mostly full bottle, and am going to buy a new one...because discount. I've been using that face wash for the last 10 years or so? Still a staple to get off my make up before I do my whole face regimen. The eye stuff, have bought several of each over the years, and they are my go to's and I stock up when I can get a deal.

Let's move onto the next list...facial wish list. I've been using another face system for the last 2 years and I feel like it's time to change it up. I'm almost out of my other, so this comes at the perfect time to stock up. These are the things I think I'm going to get to try out and see what I like best. I hope something works out!

These are just things that I don't NEED, but want to try out. I am most interested in the match sticks, the reviews say they are life changing and you can use on your lips, eyes and cheeks...interested Fenty, very interested...but am I $90 interested? Not sure...

The other two eye shadow palettes are very similar in colors so you can see what I have on the brain. I know it's not Spring/Summer time colors, but those light pinks don't really look good on me. So I'm okay with to pick which one, I don't NEED two. The lip gloss, it's a light sheen that gives color and some gloss, and the blush is just pretty.

Marc Jacob Lipgloss / Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Palette / Too Face Eye Shadow Palette / Fenty Beuaty Match Stick

So there you have it everything I'm getting at the Sephora Sale, but hurry the sale ends Monday, May 6th. Some honorable mentions, that I don't need more of, but would buy in a heartbeat if I did.

NARS Concealer (I use this for spot concealing)
Liquid Eyeliner - actually thinking about it, I need this, but don't want to redo the graphic above.

So anything I need to add to my list? I have 4 days to more stuff.

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