Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tea Time (featuring Mr.)

Hi Foxy Friends! Sips by reached out to me last month and asked if I would review their tea box subscription. I told them that I don't drink tea, but Mr. drinks it daily and would love to review it for them. He was so stinkin' excited when I told him about it, like waited by the mailbox kind of excited. I told him he could drink any till he took pictures, he gave me a look, but complied, then took these awesome pictures. Funny enough, the last time Mr. guest posted, he also did a drink review. It was hilarious, you should go read his experience drinking his first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Okay so take it away Mr.

Mr. here.
I am "stinkin' excited".

I am an enthusiast of all manner of caffeine delivery systems including tea (I also have a hoarder's amount of coffee K-cups, but that is a topic for another day).

On to Sips by:

The first step in the Sips by process is to fill out a flavor profile:

  • Caffeine = yes
  • Black tea = yes
  • Random funky stuff = yes
  • Green tea = hard pass 

After I filled that out, this Sips by box arrived on my doorstep:

The box features a lid which can be opened:

Inside is a magical assortment of teas (no, they do not automatically pop up like this... that was all me):

A closer look at the teas... The Sips by people were listening, because I got an array of teas that hold up to having some cream added (that's my jam) and also they sent me mostly caffeinated stuff:

So let's see what's up. First is Harney and Sons Organic Assam in a single silken sachet. Is it really silken, I thought as I opened it... yep. The darn thing is silken. Good tea time must be ahead...

This is what it looks like after you make tea:

I always double up the bags and make an XL cup. This one was a winner. Nice flavor. You don't want to leave this bad boy in there steeping too long... about 7 minutes was right for me. If you get distracted by an injured child or other life event, it can go bitter on you. Don't let that happen. The kid will be fine.

Next up is Dandelion Red Chai, decaf edition. Also has chicory. Had to look that one up... then I lost interest in looking it up and got back to making tea.

Dandelion and chicory... that's a man's tea right there:

This is still what it looks like after you make tea... notice the subtle differences between the Assam and the Dandelion*

*For real? It's the same picture.

I have to admit. I wasn't expecting much from this one, but it was really good. It's tough to find a decaf tea that will hold up to having some milk added. This one did. It's a nice night-time option. Whatever chicory is (still haven't read the Wikipedia) it's a good thing they put it in there because I don't think the dandelion would have gotten the job done by itself.

So... Sips by. Overall really good! If you like tea and like trying new things, I recommend it. I've bought random funky teas in the past and they are expensive... especially if you wind up not liking something and then you're stuck with a bunch of tea you don't like. This is a great way to try out a bunch of new things and they bring it right to your doorstep. I like that.

Sarah here, if you want to try it out for yourself or give it to someone as a gift, use code FOXY5 for $5 off your first order! I know you're going to love it as much as Mr. does.

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