Friday, May 10, 2019

Weekly Favorites #15

Hi Foxy Friends! Hope you are having a great week. So thankful it's Friday, so much to do between when I am writing this post and tomorrow at work. But I got this, I can do it. We're moving offices next week, so I need to pack up all my stuff...that should be fun. Anyway, onto fun things from this week.

Friday I really wanted ice cream, but told the kids I was taking them to Costco and if they were good I would take them to get McDonald's ice cream cones...I get credit for being the good Mom and I get ice cream, win-win. Also Mr. came home after a week away, that was nice.

Saturday was full of baseball.

And then we had our baseball fundraiser, they do a poker night, which was super fun. Guys played poker and the ladies chatted and caught up. Pre-party at a friends house.

They did a really great job stringing the lights from the trees. This was the final table of poker. The person who won donated  his winnings back to the Little League, pretty awesome of him.

Ladies having fun.

It was a great night and they raised $10K, not too shabby for a Saturday evening.

Sunday we woke up bright and early, okay not really, but we woke up and got ready to drive to my cousin's daughters 1st Holy Communion. Luckily it was at 11 and it's about 100 miles away, so we didn't have to leave too early to get there on time. The church, the same church that Mr. and I got married in, did a great job. It was a beautiful mass.

These three cousins all got their 1st Holy Communion the past couple of weeks, so proud of them all.

Party, hard getting that many kids to look at the camera at the same time.

Some randoms...Tuesday, this was the line to sign my kid up for summer camp. I got there 15 minutes early, they started 30 minutes earlier than they had said, much better than last year, phew!

Wednesday, Mr. texts me this as I'm at training for the PTA (yep you have to get training, who knew), I think I have a problem.

This girl saw these flowers on the way to Baby Fox's baseball practice and wanted to take a picture, she's so dang cute. She posed herself.

Kids had their half yearly dentist check up...they both did great, no cavities.

He got X-rays.

His teeth cleaned

And then had to get a Pano (is that how it's spelled?) done

This was the pano...crazy how many teeth you can see in there! Where are they all going to fit?!

On our way out, the front office gave me this rose and said Happy Mother's Day. So darn sweet of them, I might have to always make an appointment for Mother's Day week from now on. Made my whole day.

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What are you guys doing this weekend? We're finally seeing End Game...have you seen it yet? No spoilers! There was someone on my FB feed that insisted that if you wanted to see it you should have and that spoilers were okay...I muted him for 30 days, not cool man! We can't all just jump to see a movie first weekend it's out. Anyway, have a great weekend and to all the mom's out there. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get spoiled rotten!

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