Monday, July 8, 2013

Long Weekend Recap

I hope that everyone had a nice 4th of July. I know ours was jammed packed (on that later). I also admit, I had a long weekend, and didn't blog or take many pictures for that matter. But I'll show you what I did take.

Thursday, we woke up earlier than normal to get out the door and drive the 100+ miles to meet up for brunch and...

well, let me start with my dad...this is what he used to look like:

He's lost a about 80 pounds since then and as a gift to himself did this:

Fact: I uploaded a bunch of pictures to share with friends, and Google+ recognized that these were sequential so it made this little movie, pretty cool if you ask me

He loved it and absolutely would do it again in a heartbeat. Perhaps I'll join him the next time.

Thursday evening we headed over to my Uncle's house for some BBQ action. It's always great to get together with my cousins with kids, gives Baby Fox a chance to get to play with his cousins, who he absolutely adores.

My uncle is on the city council so we got special passes and viewing area to watch the fireworks from. My cousin is a rock star and when we got there she set this up in about 2 minutes.

The fireworks show was totally awesome, we could feel the boom of the fireworks we were so close. Baby Fox didn't like how loud it was, so this is how we spent the entire show:

We made the 100 mile trek back home that night, it was a long day, but oh so worth to sleep in our own bed.

Friday Mr. had to work, so it was just Baby Fox and me and we just played around the house and then went to Target...and spent too much Target usually makes people do. When we got back home Baby Fox found his Halloween costume in his toy bin and decided that he wanted to put it on...I told him it was 90° out, but he still wanted to put it on.

If you can't tell, he's saying "rooooaawwrrrr!!"

Saturday was swim lessons (forgot to bring camera), and hanging out with Grandpa and Nana

Sunday we hung out with some friends that are moving in a couple of weeks and since we were both free we met up for some breakfast at Dim Sum and some swimming.

We went on the Carousel after breakfast. Pretty good selfy if I do say so myself. This is while the horse was in motion.

I just thought this picture was funny, I tried to get a shot of the kids in the pool, and Baby Fox sneezed right when I clicked the shutter. You can't tell, but Mr. is underneath them hiding so I could get the picture.
We decided to go swimming last minute, so Ms. O didn't have a swimsuit, she borrowed one of Colton's shorts, don't judge her, she's 2.5.
So sad to see them moving so far away from us, we'll miss them. I'm sure we'll meet up in some snowy place to get our snowboard on in the future.

Sunday night was great, we went to my parents for dinner, so no cooking for me, it was awesome! Great way to end the weekend!

Now onto my FIRST full 5 day workweek since April 15th. Yes you read that correctly, I haven't worked a full week in 3 months.

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  1. Wow, your dad looks like a different person after losing all that weight...good for him! Aww poor Baby Fox and the fireworks. My dogs were panicking too!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Your dad looks AMAZING! Good for him! Looks like a great long weekend for sure! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee